Increase In Your Motivation with a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to increase your inspiration to lose weight, starting a personal month long weight loss challenge can be your ticket to get you effectively working towards accomplishing this goal.

Often those who want to lose a significant amount of weight are confronted with a task that may seem a bit overwhelming. For anyone wanting to lose 30+ pounds, it can feel as though it’s too large of a challenge to actually accomplish. That’s one reason why so many people quit after a week or so of honest effort. They may lose one or two pounds in that week but feel as though 28 more pounds is too much and just give up altogether. Then hurt and depressed go back to their regular routine of unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise and possibly gain even more weight than they had at the start.


Remember weight loss is the result of developing and maintaining a healthy life. A life where proper nutrition is upheld on a daily basis with regular physical activity a few times a week. Naturally have your end goal in mind, but don’t limit it to a time table and don’t look at it as though you must lose all the weight at once. With this type of approach you may be setting yourself up for failure before even beginning.

Therefore in order to increase your motivation so that you will be more inclined to follow through with this healthy change in lifestyle, it helps to break up the weight loss process into a small, month long challenge. A thirty day period is a short enough timeframe to keep you focused on a goal, but long enough so that you can make some actual weight loss progress.

Within a four week period you will be able to make some definite changes in your eating habits, get regular exercise each week, but at the same time you will also be able to see the finish line in sight so you shouldn’t feel as though it’s a never-ending task. After you get through the first week, there will only be 23 days left which doesn’t sound that terrifying and will inspire you to continue on giving your maximum effort until you reach the end.

Better yet, once you reach the end of your month long challenge, you will have completed thirty days of a positive healthy transition and therefore be much more inclined to continue the pattern in the subsequent months.

To help you stay focused and inspired, use a wall calendar to notate the start and finish of your weight loss challenge and cross off the days as you complete them. It does wonders for motivation to have something where you can visually see the progress. You can even make a month long “tear-off” countdown pack labeling each page with a title such as “30 Day Weight Loss Challenge” and below write Day 30, next page Day 29, and so on. Tack it up somewhere and at the completion of each day, crumple and toss the top page away thus revealing underneath how many more days you have left in your challenge. Simple yet extremely effective.

Help ensure you work towards a weight loss goal through the use of a month-long challenge. Breaking up the weight loss process into smaller, more manageable sections helps force you to strive towards accomplishing that short term goal. You may find that this will keep you focused on living a more healthy life and possibly losing 10 pounds or more in just one month! Not bad for only a 30 day challenge don’t you agree?

Gregory Gomez

Gregory L. Gomez, M. Ed, has been teaching 5th grade in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 13 years and has now embarked on a journey to improve his health. Follow his progress on as he strives to lose 60 pounds by eating in a healthy manner and getting regular exercise. Readers will find the latest information to combat the rising obesity epidemic and start developing a more healthy life at

One thought on “Increase In Your Motivation with a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

  • June 16, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    I agree about the length of time to commit to, but I found something else to add that made it easier for me.

    I get fat on the view! But found when I combined sensible eating with exercise the two together made the “job” easier. I got a bit sick of myself missing a day here and there,however, so I made a commitment to eat sensibly and exercise regularly for 30 days and I haven’t looked back.



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