How to Indulge on Valentine’s Day and Still Lose Weight?

It’s easy to slip with weight loss goals when a holiday comes along that is all about chocolates and sugary treats. With Valentine’s day behind you, and perhaps the added weight that it brought to your waist, now is the time to shed those pounds of indulgence. It was fun while it lasted, right? The good news is with a little dedication it won’t take long to lose the few pounds you sacrificed for the decadent dessert after a romantic dinner for two.

You should now dedicate yourself to at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise at least 5 times a week. This can be done on a treadmill or outside if your climate agrees. Running at a moderate will work, but also check into aerobics classes offered through your local gym or recreation center. This social nature of these classes make it easier to stay committed.

To supplement what you will be doing with the cardio exercise, start lifting weights. It only takes about 20 minutes a day and can be done in your own home. You can find 5 or 10 lb. dumbbells at any major box store. Use them to tone your upper arms and backside with lunges. Be sure to check online or with another expert so that you have good form and the right technique. Poor technique will result in a bad back and other negative effects.

Supplements are another thing to consider when starting a new exercise routine. Exercise tears your muscle make-up down in order to build it back up stronger. To aid in this process it is smart to eat a protein shake within 45 minutes of your workout. You will purchase this protein in powder form and add it to a combination of fruits, milk, water or yogurt–whichever you prefer. There are numerous options on the market, so ask a lot of questions where they are sold and perhaps sample them until you find what you like best.

There are also alternatives to traditional weight loss methods that should be considered. These are best incorporated in an established routine that includes the suggestions we have already discussed. Centers for weight loss, Nashville and all other cities across the country have one, provide specialists that will consult with you about your concerns, goals and needs. This is often a great way to receive individual advice for your desired results.

Whatever route you take, it will ultimately be you who makes the difference to see your desired result. Do not be overly discouraged about the few pounds that your indulgence has brought on–it is definitely doable to take it off in just a few weeks.

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