Injured at the Gym: Who’s Liable for My Medical Bills?

Workout injuries can happen to any person, regardless of their fitness or experience level. In fact, even walking can cause certain injuries. While there are ways to significantly reduce the risks of exercise injuries, gyms and fitness centers are expected to do everything possible to provide a safe environment for the public. Below are some common gym injuries and how to proceed after suffering from one.


Common Types of Exercise Injuries

People can hurt themselves in all manner of ways while exercising, the most common of which can include:

1. Muscle pulls and strains
2. Sprained ankles
3. Shoulder injuries
4. Knee injuries
5. Shin splints
6. Tendinitis
7. Wrist sprains or dislocations

If you are hurt at your gym and suffer from a slip and fall accident, you should consult with a local personal injury lawyer. Performing a local search on the Internet will bring up websites like, for instance, a Maryland personal injury lawyer for an incident in a Maryland gym, and you can schedule an appointment to discuss the details of your accident.

Causes of Gym Accidents

Fitness centers and gyms offer a wide variety of choices with regard to health and fitness, including general classes, aerobics, weight training, treadmills and other specialist services, such as physiotherapy. Below are some instances when a fitness center may be liable for injury damages.

1. Lack of adequate introduction to the facility and misinformation for new members to ensure they can use equipment properly.

2. Substandard maintenance on machines and equipment.

3. Failure to ensure that all areas are free of clutter and tidied up before new sessions.

4. Slips, falls or trips on frayed carpets or mats.

5. Slipping on water or freshly cleaned floors that were not appropriately identified by warning signs or other liquids.

Unfortunately, when these things occur, accidents can happen due to lack of care or neglect.

Gym Accidents

Immediately after an accident at the gym, it is imperative to get medical care. Many gyms have paramedics on staff, but it is also very important to see a specialist to ensure that victims get the proper care for their injuries. Much like in a car accident, some soft tissue injuries take a long time to heal and the extent of them is not realized for quite some time.

Either take photographs and video of everything yourself or ask an acquaintance to do this. The sooner this is done, the better. Otherwise, evidence may be altered before a claim can be made, which could affect its outcome. While recording the video, make note of particulars and circumstances. In the alternative, send a text message or voice mail to a number where data can be retrieved for backup.

For instance, mention the condition of equipment and whether or not there is water on the floor. Make note of broken or poorly maintained machines or equipment. Recall what kind of instruction was received about the equipment. All of this data will be necessary in order to make a claim or file a lawsuit later.


The fitness center has an obligation to clients who are injured on their premises due to improper maintenance, malfunctioning equipment or lack of instruction. However, the claims process is complex. Insurance firms may attempt to settle a claim for a lot less than a person will need to correct, alleviate or lessen their injuries.

Therefore, only a competent personal injury lawyer who has experience with gym accidents can evaluate a claim properly and ensure that adequate compensation is received by those injured for current and ongoing medical care, loss of wages, pain and suffering and other expenses.

Anyone who has become injured as a result of what they believe is negligence on the part of a gym should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. Time is of the essence, since there are strict restrictions and statutes of limitation on such injury cases.

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