Internal vs External Prostate Massage: Which Is The Best Method For You?

Hospital patient with chronic prostatisIf you are experiencing prostate problems, such as an enlarged prostate or prostate infection, then you may be aware of prostate massage, which is one of the oldest methods to treat problems with the prostate gland.

Prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, is used to release the build up of prostatic fluid and bacteria.  This build up leads to clogged prostate ducts that results in inflammation and pain in the prostate tissue.  There are two types of prostate massage available today, internal and external.  We will discuss both types of prostate massage.

Internal Prostate Massage

Internal prostate massage is the traditional method of massaging a prostate, which has been practiced for over fifty years.  Traditional prostate massage involves inserting a gloved and lubricated finger or prostate massager, such as the Pro-State Prostate Massager, into the anus to massage the prostatic tissue, to release the fluid and relieve the pain and discomfort many men in their 50’s and 60’s are experiencing today who have BPH or prostatitis.

This method of prostate massage also improves urine flow, a condition common with BPH, and can even help men achieve a very pleasurable prostate ejaculation, which has been said to be more intense than a normal ejaculation.

External Prostate Massage

Some older men are uncomfortable with the idea of inserting a finger or a prostate massager into their anus.  This area of the body is sometimes considered taboo or dirty.  In 2005, a massage therapist in Alaska invented an external prostate massager called a Prostate Cradle to help him deal with his own prostate problems and as a less invasive prostate health treatment option for his patients.

The Prostate Cradle is a soft rubbery device that a man sits on.  The raised end massages the area between the perineum and the rectum to massage the prostate gland externally.

Which Prostate Massage Method is Best For You?

An internal prostate massage will provide a robust massage of the prostate gland, since it actually comes in contact with the small, walnut sized gland.  High Island Health makes three versions of their prostate massager, for beginners up to advanced users.  Some men have been able to incorporate their partner in the process to turn a medical process into part of making love.

An external prostate massager may be a good option for men who seek a natural treatment option for prostate problems, but are uncomfortable with prostate massage that requires inserting a massage device into their rectum or being naked.  With an external prostate massager, a man can use it fully clothed sitting in a chair.

Some men have reported us at work while sitting at their desk.  To achieve some of pleasurable sensations and even a prostate orgasm reported with a traditional prostate massager, small metal vibrating bullets can be inserted into the holes.  The bullets can be removed if the Prostate Cradle is to be used more discretely.

You can learn more about the Pro-State Prostate Massager here.  If external prostate massage is more your speed, you can learn about the Prostate Cradle.

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Editor’s Note:

Prostatic massage is contraindicated for acute prostatitis because it can cause the bacteria to spread from the prostate and result in sepsis.  Prostatic massage is an older remedy for chronic prostatitis.  Always talk to your healthcare professional before considering different treatment options such as prostatic massage.

Acute prostatitis has similar symptoms to chronic prostatitis including an urge to urinate, burning pain while urinating, lower back pain, difficulty starting urine stream and others, but differs in that it has a sudden onset and more severe.  Acute prostatitis may also include symptoms such as fever and chills.


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