How The Internet Has Affected Our Health?

Once upon a time, on our own planet, people used to go to the park for all sorts of different reasons. There used to be people playing basketball, flag football, and even baseball. It was very common to see people playing roller hockey, or simply out running having a good time in the grass. Those days aren’t totally over, but the amount of people doing such activities has dwindled tremendously.
There are many reasons for it, and as America becomes more recognizable with health problems due to obesity and people being overweight, the reason for it becomes clear:   Technology.

I used to play basketball every day in the summer at the park as a child. In the town where I am from (10 minutes south of Detroit), playing basketball at the park was something many kids at least tried to do 24/7 if the weather was nice enough. The problem was that we could never get a game because all of the men in their 20’s would be taking the court up.

The problem is just the exact opposite these days. Instead of going up to the courts to see it filled with players, phone calls to about 10 friends have to be made just to get a decent game – and the courts look something like a barren wasteland.

In the 90’s video games really started to take off. And they kept their fair share of kids on the couches. A PlayStation and a LED TV was enough to keep a kid inside for a whole sunny Saturday. It is nothing like the new age of the Internet now, however. The very word “social” these days simply means logging into Facebook or Twitter and chatting it up with your friends.

Not only that, but the answer to any question we have can be found with a few letters on the keyboard and the click of a mouse. We don’t even have to get up off of our couches anymore to walk to our computer as we can use our cell phones to find the answer to many of these questions.As more and more people become reliant on the Internet for jobs and information and social life, the need to get out more dwindles. Technology is a great thing, but with it comes trade-offs. Being conscience of these trade-offs can help us to prevent overweight issues, and being subject to becoming the “ultimate couch potato.”

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  • August 15, 2011 at 12:31 am

    I think internet has some side effects as well, as every one knows excess of every thing makes or produces harm . I think it affect our health .

  • August 14, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    thanks for sharing this! Really useful..


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