Invigorate Your Mind and Body with Colored LED lights

When we have a good weather, the sun’s warm rays appear as bright white. The sky becomes pink in the early winter mornings. And in the summer, we can see warmer colors like red and orange at sunset.

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red make up the spectrum of the white light- and these seven colors put a great impact on our mind and body.

Chromotherapy has been practiced for more than four thousand years. This healing technique was only reserved for the Pharaohs of Egypt, but now this technique can be brought to our home to help improve our physical health and daily mindset. Often, the spa or the shower can be the right place to get a dose of chromotherapy without avoiding a daily routine. Low-voltage LEDs (Light-emitting diodes) are a good option to produce a wide array of colors like chromotherapy. This low-voltage lighting can do wonders for a spa or a shower and allow you to enjoy your bathroom at different times of a day. Get a little color for your bathroom and create a whole new space.

Colored LED lights

Let us find out the colored lighting options


Of all the colors of the rainbow, let us first discuss about blue. Blue-colored light has many health benefits. It helps make relaxing easier, reduces blood pressure, and soothes breathing. This light also has been proven to alleviate inflammation and improve blood circulation. In one word, it does all good things for an aging health.

For instance, a blue LED-light brings life to a bathroom. You can see blue all around it, reflecting off the water in the tub.

If you want to get a tub with a chromotherapy feature, opt for one that is equipped with at least four lights. Chromotherapy tubs are not that good with just two lights.


Nothing can better energize and stimulate rather than red lights. The impacts of red light can get you charged up for a big meeting, add to your pulse rate and create your mood for a little romance.

So are you overwhelmed to create that ambience in your bathroom to get these benefits? If yes, let us get started.

Use opalescent sparkling tiles in your shower room. This room will be a real vitalizer both in the morning and at night with regular lighting.

In order to bring focus to the opalescent materials of the tiles, you should use multiple source of lighting. Use at least three to five tiny halogens in your shower. This would add a charm to your bathroom.

The tiled wall should be set perfectly so that the wall looks flat and smooth. Ensure the task lighting, LED lighting and fixtures are installed in the right place during the tiling process. This will ensure a complete accuracy.

If you do not like sparkly red tile, opt for a different tile and stick to LED lighting for multiple color options. Choose any color you like when the mood hits you.

You should switch to LED lighting versions in your standard fixtures or set up a custom light feature with LED lights. While you work with your electrician, make sure the lighting needs of your bathroom are not overlooked.

When you plan your lighting system, ensure it can be adjusted as per your lighting needs. You can opt for a lighting fixture that has multiple high-intensity light generators, emitting different colored lights.

You can find out a steam shower with a chromotherapy setting that has multiple colors.  When you turn on this shower, it will change colors one by one slowly. It will be a real retreat when you take a long steam shower.  It is a good idea to get under this shower before and after performing exercise and before going to bed. It clears your head and detoxifies your day’s fatigue and promotes a good sleep. You get all these because of the colors.

Stained glass

Stained glass was used for chromotherapy reasons hundreds of years ago. It was believed that meditation power increased ten times under the violet light rays reflecting through a stained glass window of a church.

Green :

Green light is believed to decrease irritability and sleeping disorder and can be used to help a person to recover from nervous exhaustion.


Whereas yellow is concerned, it helps with digestion and promotes happiness.

Whether stained glass filters natural light or man-made light, the result it produces is simply amazing. If the glass is cut and used in combination with crystals, beads, and various types of glass; it will produce more amazing results.

If you have a master bath with a tub, you can make it feel like a spa when you have a relaxing time. Switch all your task and general lights off and put on dimmed LED light. This will create a perfect ambience for your spa.

If you are still in doubt whether you should install some chromothreapy lights or not, just do it.

People have utilized colored lighting for healing for thousands of years- install it and see how it improves the quality of your life.

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