Invisalign -The Rising Star Of Braces Treatment

While braces offer the benefits of healthier, straighter teeth, their traditional size and bulk have long since worked against them. Many people have been put off the option of braces in the past because they have been unwilling to put up with the large metallic structures in their mouths, even at the cost of straighter teeth. With this major failing of braces in mind, Invisalign was developed, offering a braces technology which is virtually invisible.

How does Invisalign work?

In principle Invisalign works in the same manner as any other set of braces. Invisalign will aim to realign your teeth, thereby straightening them. Your teeth are fairly dynamic in how they are attached to your gums and bone, and with the right stimulus, can move about for a straighter smile.


An Invisalign treatment will involve the application of a set of virtually imperceptible and replaceable aligners. These need to be replaced with the next one in the set every two weeks to maintain the steady drive towards straighter teeth. Each set of aligners will be manufactured based on a molding of your teeth. You will continue to swap one aligner for the next in the sequence until you have reached the desired finally tooth position as discussed with your dentist.

No wires allowed!

The removable aligner basis of Invisalign means that you don’t need to keep going back into the dentist’s office for a painful tightening of the wires of your braces. This has not only been a major inconvenience in the past, but is also a painful way of adjusting braces to maintain the steady straightening force. The removable aligner basis of Invisalign is convenient as well as effective, and allows for far more comfort when using this particular technology.

Invisalign’s aligners are easily removable for easier brushing and flossing during their use. This is a major improvement over braces in the past, which would often require specialist brushes and particular time, care, and attention to effectively clean. Many people using these braces would struggle to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene, and this would in turn increase the risk of infection.

As detailed in this article, Invisalign offers a number of fantastic and distinctive benefits over classic braces, and these advantages are what have fueled the popularity of this innovative teeth straightening technology.


For more about Invisalign costs (, it is worth seeking a consultation with a specialist provider of these braces. No two sets of teeth are alike, and it is only after evaluating your needs that an accurate price can be set.

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