Five iPhone Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “there’s an app for that,” and for good reason. The statement proves true for just about any task you can imagine. Whether you want entertainment, medical advice, or a built-in planner, the list of available iPhone apps is endless.

Losing weight is one of the many things that became easier with Smartphones. You can access virtual personal trainers, videos of workouts, calorie logs, and all kinds of other helpful features that will assist you in reaching your goals. Check out these five apps and take a step closer toward your target weight.

1.) FoodScanner-  0.99

This app uses your iPhone’s camera to scan UPC barcodes on food you eat throughout the day. It automatically registers calories and other nutritional information from the items you’re eating, and logs them so you can keep a running count.

It’s the fastest and simplest way to keep track of your calories. If for some reason the scanner doesn’t work, you also have the option to type and search for foods. You can even enter new foods yourself, and upload photos and barcodes.

2.) – Calorie Counter and Diet – FREE

Featured in the New York Times, USA Today, NBC, CNET and many more, this diet app also supplies users with an easy-to-use calorie counter. Its database contains 1.1 million foods and the app fully syncs with the web, allowing you to access your information via computer or phone. Users appreciate that the entire app is available offline, making it easy for those that don’t have access to a signal.

You can connect with friends or other members for motivation and encouragement. Exercise plans are supplied as well, and include both cardio and strength training. Check your nutritional summary and update your weight and measurements each night to make sure you’re staying on track.

3.) Fitness Buddy – 0.99

With over 1,700 exercises in its database, this app claims many people are giving up their gym memberships. Exercises are provided for all major equipment, including free-weights, resistance bands, stability balls, and much more.

You can even select your workout by the specific body area you’d like to target, such as core, back, or arms. Graphs are available to track your progress and encourage motivation.

4.) Fat Secret – FREE

This app is another calorie counter, but it offers a few unique features. A food diary and exercise diary are supplied to keep track of the calories you’re eating as well as burning.

There is also a diet calendar, so you can watch how your progress fluctuates over time. Enter thoughts and feelings into the journal section of the app to record the emotional journey of weight loss in addition to the physical transformation. A great database of recipes and ideas for meals is provided as well.

5.)  Nike+ GPS -  1.99

Map your runs and keep track of your progress with this innovative app. No sensor is needed to track your workouts when you hold the iPhone in your hand, thanks to its GPS and accelerometer technology. You can designate your favorite pump-up song as the “powersong,” which can be easily switched to at any time with the press of a button.

Losing energy and wanting to quit? Hit that “powersong” button for instant revitalization. Share your run with friends for encouragement, or join a game of Nike+ tag to race. Keeping logs of your distance will motivate you to run just a little bit farther each time.

[box type=”note”]Visit the “Health and Fitness” section of your iPhone App Store to see hundreds of additional tools. What are your favorite apps to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle?[/box]

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