Is Green Tea The Secret To Losing Weight?

In the market right now the most popular drink people take for losing weight has to be protein shakes. However slowly but surely green tea is also becoming extremely popular.

Green tea is becoming so popular in fact that more and more products out there are being flavored with green tea. It’s not uncommon to find sweets that are flavored with green tea.

But the most important question to ask is whether or not green tea can help people lose weight.

The good news is that green tea isn’t just another fad on the market. There is good reason that it is popular. There are many great health benefits that a person that drinks it on a regular basis will experience.


So Where Does Green Tea Start Life?

Believe it or not both green tea and black tea originate from the same plant. The name of the plant is Camellia Sinesis and it’s where the whole journey starts. It’s an amazing thought to know that both green and black tea come from the same place but in terms of health benefits the two just could not be any more different.

The reason why green tea is much healthier than its black counterpart is because it is far less processed.


Is Drinking Green Tea Consistently Worth Your Time?

The beauty of green tea is in the fact that it is barely processed. This is why many of the weight loss and health benefits that are associated with it remain in it.

The best form and the most beneficial way to take green tea is to actually brew a hot cup of tea from the leaves. Buying processed products that have a bit of it in them will not do you much good. In fact you are more than likely going to end up gaining weight.

One thought on “Is Green Tea The Secret To Losing Weight?

  • October 21, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Great article, Thomas. I blogged about the benefits of green tea a few months ago and that was also when I made it a regular part of my diet. I hope it has half the advantages it’s said to provide but rather it does or not, I’m glad I started on it because it’s something I absolutely love now. I honestly can’t get through a day without it!


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