Italian Food Equals Love

I don’t know why but I equate Italian food with romance. Strange that a cuisine that prides itself on liberal doses of garlic would inspire that in me but it does. If it’s an anniversary or a first date, I envision a little Mom and Pop Italian restaurant. Maybe it’s the checkered tablecloth, low-lit with candles; or the cheap Chianti, or maybe it’s “O’sole Mio” playing softly in the background that makes me see more promise in a date than it necessarily warrants.

Maybe it’s Pop Culture and things like Dean Martin assuring me “That’s Amore” or Cher in “Moonstruck” reminding me that it’s never too late to find love. Maybe it’s all the happy-inducing carbs? I don’t know.

I’ve learned to not wear white while eating Italian food. But if I were cooking Italian food I would want to wear a white “wife beater” tank top to show with pride the marinara wounds inflected while I made a delicious meal. I think that was in a Sesame Street episode I saw as a kid; again Pop Culture.

Still, no marketing spin for good or ill can change the fact that it’s just yummy. Bad Italian food is still pretty palatable and even good cold the next morning (which shows what a real gourmet I am). But good Italian food is beyond mere food. It is both a familiar comfort and yet something that shows promise and potential (maybe that’s where the romance correlation comes in). It is a hug and a “good job” said just when you need to hear it most. It makes the world feel realigned and that everything’s going to be ok.

Italian food is love on a plate. Seriously, single or not, if I’ve had a crappy week I have no doubt that a bottle of red, a bubble bath, and some lovingly made Italian food could turn it around; even if the boyfriend’s a jerk and even if it was ordered from takeout. That’s how good it is.

Granted it’s all too easy to eat too much, but even when you do and feel ashamed you also secretly feel it was worth it, don’t you? But it’s ok because your television furrow-browed grandma will put another helping on your plate exclaiming, “Manja!”

Plus when the stunning Sophia Loren was asked what gave her that incredible body, she replied, “Pasta.”

Well, enough said.

If it works for Sophia it works for me. What food equals love for you?  Here’s some more thoughts about Good Mood Food!

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