Jack LaLanne (The Godfather of Fitness) Passes Away at 96

America’s Godfather of Fitness, Jack LaLanne, passed away from respiratory failure yesterday afternoon at the ripe old age of 96.

A pioneer in the fitness world, Jack was known worldwide for promoting his message of physical fitness, vitality and keeping a positive attitude.

A self-described emotional and physical wreck while growing up in the San Francisco area, Mr. LaLanne began turning his life around, as he often told it, after hearing a talk on proper diet when he was 15.

He started working out with weights when they were an oddity, and in 1936 he opened the prototype for the fitness spas to come — a gym, juice bar and health food store — in an old office building in Oakland.

In the 50s, Jack whipped America’s housewives into shape with the Jack LaLanne show.

In an attempt to further promote his fitness lifestyle to the American public, Jack also became known for his feats of strength.

Some of these displays of strength were performed on his tv show.

While others, like this display on his 70th birthday, were just too grand for a tv studio.

The picture below shows Jack swimming 1.5 miles handcuffed and shackled while towing 70 boats with 70 people aboard….at the age of 70.

Jack truly was an inspiration.

And he will be missed.


Douglas Robb

Doug Robb is a personal trainer, a fitness blogger and author, a competitive athlete, and a student of nutrition and exercise science. He's also the co-founder of the Hive Health Media. Since 2008, Doug has expanded his impact by bringing his real-world experience online via the health & fitness blog – Health Habits.

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