Juice Up Your Life and Lose Weight!

Obese persons have a Body Mass Index of 30 or more. Overweight and obesity has reached national health crisis proportions. It is the leading cause of avoidable death in this country.

One-third of the U.S. population is overweight, and another third is actually obese. Perhaps more alarmingly, a full half of the population between two and 19 years is obese.

Breville JE900 juice fountain

Juicing facilitates weight loss in several ways:

• Detoxifying the body is one way to slim down, through a heightened metabolism and more efficient digestion.

• Eliminating junk food and carbs from the diet increases one’s energy levels. When one has more energy, it is more likely that one will exercise more.

• When it is so easy and tasty to consume low-calorie vegetables, the weight almost falls off. When food cravings hit, reach for some delicious broccoli or spinach juice instead of a starchy snack.

• Juicing is fun! The novelty of feeding the fruit and veggies into the juicer is a great incentive for kids to consume a healthier ratio of foods.

The Omega 8006 is a masticating machine, which means that its blades spin at slower speeds than other juicers (80 rpm), to conserve vitamins that are lost through oxidation. Another advantage is that it can process any food, including wheatgrass, nuts, herbs and soy.

Masticating juicers exchange speed for a non-clog, no foam juicing experience. No more stopping to empty the pulp container. The Omega’s boring device claims eight times the strength of its competitors. Its durability combined with the unprecedented 15-year warranty makes it a risk free investment.

If all you want is juice and plenty of it, consider the Breville JE900 juice fountain. It is super fast and efficient, to the extent that professional baristas have switched from machines that cost ten times more.

The Breville machine has proven that it saves money and time, extracting about 30% more juice than competing products. Its rugged constructions can handle any type of produce, including hard items, like beets and pineapples.

With its aerodynamically shaped, easy to clean components and its quickly accessible pulp container, the JE900 is a superior choice for a family that drinks large quantities of liquids.

Don’t waste the fiber extracted from juice! It is retrieved in both the Omega and the Breville juicers. One can make delicious cakes and other treats from the fiber, using the recipe book included with the JE900.

Weight Loss Juicing Recipes

To relieve water retention, combine watermelon, cucumber, celery and cranberries in a JE900 or an 8006.

A recipe for liver cleansing is two oranges, one grapefruit and one small lemon. One teaspoon of honey is optional. Drink first thing in the day.

Juice Fasting

Experts claim that dropping significant weight in 30 days by undergoing a juice fast is possible. Some general rules for undergoing such a fast safely are:

• Put an avocado in your morning juice (just three tablespoons) to get some vital fat grams into your regimen.

• Use a high-quality protein powder.

• To maintain digestive regularity, the roughage from ‘hard’ vegetables such as beets and carrots is ideal. The JE900 makes short work of these tough veggies.

• Take a daily multivitamin/multimineral and a potassium supplement.

• Ingest juice every two hours or so.

Combine a small slice of avocado, 1 chili pepper, a bell pepper, one tomato and salt to taste for a delicious gazpacho during your juice fast.

Don’t be sick, tired and embarrassed any longer. Drink your meals with the Breville JE900 or the Omega 8600.

Andre Bradley

Andre Bradley is a part-time writer with over three years of experience creating website copy and articles. He has a professional background in software engineering and a strong interest in health, fitness and investing. Andre is also the head writer for popularjuicers.com, an informative website about juicers and juicing.

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  • August 7, 2011 at 9:36 am

    Obesity (BMI of 30<) has reached epidemic proportion and it is shocking that at least half of population of US can be classed as obese or overweight (BMI 25-30).
    Surgeon general and Federal Govt. need something (such as taxing extra for high calorie foods) to do with this huge help problem.


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