Ways to Keep Your Anxiety and Everyday Worry at Bay

Health is a commodity that can make life wonderful, and the lack of it – very difficult.   Staying healthy as an adult can mean the difference between a good quality of life, verses a problematic life, infringing on your enjoyment, pocketbook and even your rates for life insurance.

Life insurance is much less expensive for healthy people, as well as the enjoyment and ability to partake in everyday activities.  When you are healthy, things are easier, work is a better environment, exercise becomes a pleasure and family activities can be thoroughly appreciated.

Stress, worry and anxiety can create health and emotional problems, even in the healthiest people.  So getting a handle on reducing and staving off stress and anxiety is a must.

Recognise the symptoms of anxiety

These common symptoms, which include either have a physical effect or emotional, indicate stress, and/or anxiety is taking its toll:

  • Headaches
  • Eating disorders
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of focus
  • Short temper
  • Sleep problems
  • Stomach problems
  • Back pain
  • General aches and pains
  • Depression

When you are stressed, or experiencing high anxiety, the body releases hormones that over an extended period of time can cause health issues.  When you’re trying to balance work, home, kids and everything else, stress is inevitable.  We live busy lives!

[box type=”note”]One suggestion is to learn to identify what is causing stress in your life. Starting a journal helps you identify the times in the day, or week that you seem most stressed out. Once you identify what it is that is causing you anxiety and stress, it is time to take control and start some activities that will help you relax.[/box]


Simple ways to keep your anxiety and worries away

There are many ways on how you keep your anxiety away, and these need not to be complicated, such as:


Deep breathing has been known to calm us.  Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and picture the stress leaving your body.  Do this for a couple of minutes, until you feel relaxed and calm.


If you have something close that you can listen to, put on your favorite music and relax.  It helps you escape and gets you away from the stresses you’re experiencing.  Even getting up and ‘dancing’ to something upbeat can wipe stress away immediately.


Get outside, walk, run or hike, but get out into the fresh air.  Walking helps you melt stress away, and so does cardio exercise.  It is one of the most effective ways to relieve anxiety and provide a release.  Riding a bicycle can also have the same effect, so get moving!


Treat yourself to a massage, it will not only relax you, it promotes healthy circulation, and well-being.  If your mate can give you one, all the better!


Believe it or not, some scents can promote healing relaxation, so lighting incense or buying a favorite potpourri, or even a scented candle can help uplift and soothe your nerves. Sit and relax while the beautiful fragrance calms you.

Hot bath

There isn’t much more soothing than a hot bubble bath, or a bath filled with your favorite scented oil, such as lavender. Make sure you spend time in that tub, and absorb the healing and relaxing quality of hot water.

Green Tea

The amino acid L-theanine is known to promote relaxation and can be soothing when you are anxious or stressed.  Just the warmth and comfort of a cup of tea can relax you.


When you release those pent-up anxieties and stresses, it helps – write those thoughts down is a form of release.  Writing it down simply gets it out of your system and allows you to relax and think clearly.

Avoid Caffeine

Most people don’t realize how amped up you can get from caffeine.  It can intensify stress and anxiety and since it’s a stimulant, the crash can even be worse.  Wean yourself off caffeine during times of stress.

Stretch exercises

During high stress times, stop and touch your toes.  When you’re stressed and anxiety ridden your muscles get tight. Releasing the tension in your muscles can actually help you relax.  It helps circulation, and helps you feel better.


Talk about saving the best for last!  There is something in chocolate that actually causes changes in blood pressure and helps increase good mood and good feelings.  It releases phenyltheylamine in the brain, which acts as a mini amphetamine, uplifting you, relieving anxiety and even depression.

On a final note, remember that your attitude and thoughts can actually calm you down if you can get a handle on them. Smiling helps, and so does thinking about things that are calming and joyful to you.

Claude Moelan

Claude is a writer in Sydney, Australia. The sometimes art snob and all year round festival lover, she is also a big believer in social media and all things digital. Trained as a figure skater most of her childhood to young adult life, she is convinced that dancing is a must to have a healthy mind and body.

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