Kettlebell Training From Russia Has Now Come To The U.S.

Why would anyone use kettlebells in their workout? Maybe because they complete a set much faster than other forms of exercise by incorporating strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility all in one routine.  Maybe because the kettlebell is very portable and therefore can be done in many places besides the gym. While in Russia this “cannonball with a handle” was used by men, both athletes and military, it is perfectly suited for women to use.

There are few other fitness devices that can deliver in 15-45 minutes what a kettlebell can. This makes it ideal for people on the run, who simply don’t have hours each day to put in at the gym. Use of this device goes back three hundred years, so like other older secrets for fat loss and muscle gain there must be something to it.

When done correctly kettlebells are low impact, easy on the joints, and give fast intense full body workouts. Anyone serious about burning fat should consider making a kettlebell part of their fitness program.

Woman doing Kettlebell exercise

Very few other exercises or exercise tools can stave off boredom by providing an endless array of simple, easy to master, moves. Those who use kettlebells call them fun and intense.  There is always another challenge because the moves can be changed and morphed from exercise to exercise.  Making it more challenging is as simple as moving up on the weight being used.

The kettlebell’s benefits come from the fact that the mass of weight is extended and off-center from the grip.  This engages more muscle groups in an effort to stabilize it as it is moved through the course of an exercise. Not only does this work to improve grip strength but lower back, legs, and shoulders are typically active in every move. While there is some danger to those with back or shoulder problems if the movements are done with weights that are too heavy, working with an instructor to ensure you are making the movement correctly and have the correct weight can eliminate this.

Unlike other muscle-building exercise, kettlebells give functional strength that can be applied to everyday tasks to make them easier.  Movements are based in chores done on the farm or other physical things that are done regularly, like picking up children or handling a heavy bag while working the core muscles that increase the metabolism.

The low impact nature means that starting light on the weight and gradually working up can help anyone improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Men wanting to step up from normal routines can use the kettlebell to realize fairly substantial gains in muscle mass.

Women can use kettlebells to increase endurance, strength, and energy throughout the day when dealing with the rigours of daily life.  The elderly can use it to improve bone density and safely increase muscle strength in areas that will ultimately help them lead longer more quality lives.

Anyone can use a kettlebell, as long as they pick the correct weight for their skill level!

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  • September 28, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Kettlebells are awesome. Good job of outlining the benefits. It just sucks that it’s so expensive to have a collection of them.


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