Seven Kitchen Changes to Help You Stick to Your Diet

Dieting takes a ton of willpower regardless of whether you’ve chosen a program like Jenny Craig or are doing all of your own shopping. It isn’t just about the foods you keep in your kitchen, though. While it helps to leave the junk food at the grocery store, if you live with a roommate or family members, that might not always be possible. Here are some changes you can make to the kitchen itself to help you stick to your healthy eating plan:

  1. Buy a blender. It’s simple enough to pick up a blender which allows you to make healthy smoothies any time you’re craving something sweet.
  2. Devote a single location to junk food. If you have chips on the counter, cookies in the cabinet, and other snacks in the pantry, there will be temptations everywhere you turn. Centrally locate the bad food so you can stay away from it.
  3. Invest in awesome pots and pans. You’ll be more enticed to do some cooking yourself, so you can control portion size and ingredients, rather than ordering food or going out to eat.
  4. Buy a wine rack and stock it with red wine. Dry, red wine is a great alcohol alternative to beer or other drinks since it has health benefits like antioxidants and a glass has fewer calories than a mixed drink and most beers.
  5. Clear out a cabinet for snacks. Don’t just put all of your junk food in one location – clear out a cabinet or buy a free-standing cabinet so that they’re out of sight.
  6. Buy an extra freezer and fill it with prepared meals. Avoid fast food and quick meals loaded with sodium by preparing health meals in huge quantities and filling your freezer with the leftovers.
  7. Grow herbs on your windowsill. It’s easy to do and fresh herbs add a ton of flavor to your meals without adding calories and fat.

If you have unhealthy choices in your house, you’ll likely still be tempted to cheat, but hopefully these kitchen changes can help you stay strong and resist the urge to chow down on junk food.

Remember, if you make any major changes to your kitchen or spend lots of money on new appliances or kitchen tools, update your insurance policy to reflect these upgrades!


Allison works with rental insurance companies.

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