Know the Secret to Staying Healthy in Your Spa

The  term ‘spa’ has been originated from the Latin word “Solus per aqua” referring to as health through water. Hot tubs with whirlpool jets offer hydrotherapy treatments which help your body relax and get you a better mood.

Hydrotherapy is actually the use of water that invigorates and restores health. This treatment offers proper health benefits by alleviating tension, aches, pains, reducing stress, promoting more restful sleep and strengthening the immune system.

Well, your tub can turn into a tub of diseases unless you maintain its water and keep it sanitized. Clean spa water is not only a matter of aesthetics but it is necessary to promote good health and make the make the most of the benefits of a spa. If you do not keep your spa water sanitized, it will result in an itchy and invisible skin eruption known as Pseudomonas dermatitis or spa tub rash. Treating your water properly will kill waterborne bacteria such as Pseudomonas rash and keep the water clean and sanitized.


There are several methods to keep your spa water sanitized. Let us find out those options.


It is a common disinfectant used for everything from laundry to swimming pools. It efficiently kills germs, destroy viruses and bacteria, as well as mildew, molds and other types of funguses. There are inexpensive granules or tablets of chlorine available out on the market.

Keep in mind, chlorine cannot function efficiently when it is exposed to high temperatures of spa water. Therefore, you need to use this disinfectant more often.

Since it emits a strong odor, you need to maintain it in the spa water at a level of one to three parts per million in order to avoid irritation.


Whereas bromine is concerned, it does not evaporate as chlorine in the hot water. So, many homeowners like to use this disinfectant for their spas. It is effective as well to kill bacteria, germs; and destroy mildew, molds and other forms of funguses like chlorine. Bromine is available in granules and tablets and the price is as same as chlorine.

It contains a slight odor but not as strong as chlorine. Be careful it dries the skin. Maintain bromine in your spa water at a level of two to five parts per million.


If you want to have some kind of a disinfectant without the properties of chlorine, biguanide is a good option. This disinfectant has good properties to kill bacteria, germs and viruses. However, it cannot destroy fungus and molds effectively. It is important to add hydrogen peroxide to the spa water if you use biguanide every week. It does not emit any odor and does not irritate your skin. You can see a slime in your spa water. This is the time when you need to switch to another alternative.

PH treatments

When you treat your spa water with disinfectants, it is crucial to maintain the pH balance. If it can be maintained properly, it helps disinfectant work efficiently and prevent the development of harmful organisms. You must check the water pH balance regularly and add water treatment as necessary. 7.2 to 7.8 pH level is optimal for spa water.

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