Laser Hair Therapy and How It Helps Hair Loss

Laser hair therapy, also called low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a relatively new method of hair restoration and preventing further hair loss. The concept is that low-level laser light can stimulate non-productive hair follicles to grow new hair and prevent still-active follicles from losing hair. This is a non-surgical method of regrowing hair and preventing further hair loss. It is considered an alternative to other methods of hair loss prevention and regrowth, including the use of Rogaine and other products.

In healthy adults, hair follicles are typically actively growing hair for a number of years before the hair is shed. The follicle may then enter into a dormant period where it rests before resuming its function and growing more hair. This happens in random follicles at varying intervals, so large amounts of hair loss are not experienced. When increasing numbers of roots lose the hair and fail to resume growing more, bald areas begin to show. Eventually, the follicles die off, which is the cause of permanent hair loss.

Although dead hair follicles cannot be revived, it is believed that many hair follicles are still dormant, which can benefit from the laser hair therapy. Stimulating the hair follicles in those areas with LLLT stimulates the follicles that are in a dormant state, slowing or even halting the process of hair loss and causing hair to regrow in bald areas.

Does LLLT Work?

Some studies funded by the companies that develop the LLLT devices, offer proof of the effectiveness of this method of hair regrowth. However, the studies themselves indicate a certain bias. Extensive studies of long-term safety and efficacy by independent laboratories have not yet been conducted. Numerous accounts of anecdotal evidence that claim this method works is cited by the companies selling this service. Providers who perform LLLT suggest that considerations, such as the stage of one’s hair loss, genetics and other factors may influence the ultimate outcome, which varies from patient to patient.

How Much Does Laser Hair Therapy Cost?

The cost of LLLT can vary, but can fall between $1,000 and $2,000 per treatment session. LLLT often requires multiple sessions to see any success, however. Some providers apply a discount if sessions are purchased as a package, but this option is still a very expensive one, considering that LLLT may or may not work. Other therapies, such as surgical hair restoration, costs about the same, yet yield positive and permanent results.

[box type=”important”]The bottom line is that LLLT is a yet unproven therapy for the restoration of hair loss. Speak to a number of providers about the overall cost versus the level of success of all methods of hair restoration and regrowth before embarking on a treatment.[/box]


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