Learn To Understand Your Appetite!

Losing weight is for most people pretty hard to do, the math is actually very simple; you have to use more calories than you take in. But as much as you understand that, it might not help a great deal.

Very simply there are two reasons you might fail to do this. Either you take in more calories than you realize, or you know what you are doing but your will power fails you.

About Mastering that Willpower

First, appetite and hunger are not the same thing. Hunger is what happens when you need to eat. Appetite is what happens when you want to eat.

When you get hungry your appetite grows, but often not proportionally and most people tend to overeat and eat when they are not hungry.

Eating when you are hungry is fine, but learning to understand when you are hungry and when you just have a big appetite is key to not eating when you don’t need to.

Why Do We Get Hungry?

The easy way to lose weight is not to fight your hunger but to fight your appetite and train it to be more in line with your needs. The first step is to understand hunger.

Since we evolved in a world where food was scarce and hard to come by, we are biologically programmed to overeat when there is food available. Furthermore, if we get hungry our brains start to panic and tell us that we need food – or more specifically, high energy food.

Long story short, the hungrier you get the more you start to crave a nice sugary cake or a few hundred biscuits.

How To Lose Weight Without Starving

If you starve yourself you will lose weight (not healthily though) but you’ll have a real battle on your hands.

Instead, just make the effort to satiate your hunger before it arrives. When you are nicely full it is much easier to resist that cake or pizza, but as soon as you get hungry your ability to make good food decisions diminishes.

So that’s the key then; finding time in your schedule to eat plenty of healthy food and keep yourself from ever feeling hungry. (For more tips on fitting a healthy lifestyle into a busy one, check out Busy Healthy)

If you constantly snack on boiled veg you will never get hungry and you will find it very hard to overeat. Just avoid all of those danger foods like bread, crips, pasta etc…

And One More Thing

Whatever you do, you will get hungry sometimes, life just gets in the way. So when you do get hungry and your will power is tested the most, tell yourself that you can have a bag of crisps (or whatever you crave) but only after you have had a big bowl of salad or veg. Hopefully by the time you finish it you will have regained your will power!

Ricky Peterson

This guest post was written by Ricky from BusyHealthy.com. Please visit my site for lots more tips about losing weight and being healthy even if you have a busy lifestyle and little time.

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