Lifetime of Injuries Report Reveals New Statistics on Workplace Accidents

A report by Slater & Gordon has revealed that the average Brit suffers an astonishing 10,787 injuries, illnesses or accidents in their lifetime.

From regular headaches or constant back pain to never ending bumps, bruises and accidents sickly Brits experience 134 incidents of ill health each and every year.

At least four sore throats, six cuts and two nose bleeds hit the average person every 12 months and feature on the list of suffering, which shows the ailments endured across the average 80.5 year lifespan.

Four shaving cuts, two cases of toothache and four cricked necks mean the average person experiences a bout of pain at least once every three days.

The study of 2,000 people found the average person has suffered seven accidents in the past 12 months.

Simon Allen, personal injury lawyer at Slater & Gordon said: ”Although the idea of suffering more than 10,000 injuries over the span of 80 years is a little worrying, for most people these kind of bumps and bruises are injuries they will quickly recover from and won’t cause any lasting pain or damage.”

“It is disturbing that in 2013 so many accidents happen in the workplace. Whilst we do of course spend most of our day at work, if followed, health and safety legislation should protect us.

“What is however, perhaps more disturbing is that when workers report their concerns about dangers in the workplace employers don’t appear to address them.

“Health and safety can be seen as inconvenient and bureaucratic by some but it is designed to ensure than when we go to work we return home to our families unharmed. Identifying risks to health and safety and then addressing them to prevent accidents at work is the key.”

The study also found 31 per cent of those studied would describe themselves as clumsy or accident-prone.

But despite this, Brits claimed more than 70 per cent of the accidents they experienced were the fault of someone else.

In fact, one in six still experiences reoccurring pain from an accident that was in no way their fault.

Accidents were most commonly suffered at home, but over a third of people have been injured at work.

While a fifth of people said their workplace currently has an obvious hazard or danger that isn’t being dealt with in the right way.

Worryingly, nearly a quarter of Brits feel their workplace actually cuts corners when it comes to health and safety.

While the average respondent had experienced at least two car crashes or serious bumps in their life so far.

Over the course of their 80.5 years, the average Brit will endure 868 headaches, 2898 bumps and bruises and 725 sore backs in their lifetime.

While 483 cramps and 322 cases of heartburn add to the tally.

Results showed the average person will undergo two surgeries, at least three hospital trips and one case of broken bones in their time.

We can also expect to endure 181 burns and will pull a muscle 242 times.

But we can’t complain too loudly, because we lose our voice approximately 81 times across the average innings.

Simon Allen, group practise leader at Slater & Gordon added: “Most accidents we deal with as a law firm are preventable so easily. It’s just a case of people having to be more aware of potential dangers and employers being responsible.

“Thankfully if people do get seriously hurt and suffer life altering injuries we have systems in place to protect them and get them the help they need to recover from those injuries.”

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