Linagliptin Found Effective in Treating Diabetes in African Americans

A new study published in Medpage found that African Americans with Type 2 diabetes benefited from treatment with linagliptin therapy. The study polled 226 African Americans with Type 2 diabetes. Each subject was either administered a placebo or 5 mg of linagliptin on a daily basis over the course of 24 weeks.

The study found that patients using the medication were more successful at managing their symptoms and bringing their glucose levels within tolerable levels. Linagliptin has been found to be a safe and effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. However, previous studies didn’t include many African Americans.

Dr. James R. Thrasher, one of the leaders of this study, said that this is a significant problem. African Americans are nearly 80% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than Caucasians. Additionally, the complications arising from diabetes can be more serious and more difficult to manage. Thrasher said that studies need to specifically address the effectiveness of any drug or treatment used for African Americans.

Thrasher and his colleagues made their study as randomized as possible. Slightly more than half of their subjects were men. Over three quarters of the subjects suffered from hypertension.

At the conclusion of the 24 week study, the glycated hemoglobin of the patients receiving linagliptin dropped an average of 0.88%. The glycated hemoglobin levels of patients on the placebo dropped by 0.24%. Thrasher’s team found the confidence level of the drug’s effectiveness was 99.9%.

The study claimed there were no significant safety concerns. Some subjects experienced mild medical problems during the trial. However, those effects were deemed to be unrelated to the study. Hyperglycemia was the most common problem identified in the study.

The study concluded that Linagliptin was just as effective in treating African Americans as Caucasians. This is encouraging news considering that African Americans are in a higher risk category.

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