Is It Possible to Lose Weight without Dieting?

Why assault yourself with yet another diet program, or an exercise routine, when there are better, less painful ways to tackle the issue of weight loss?
The very first thing that crosses the mind of a person when he decides to do something about his weight, is that he will now have to have a tight rein over their diet. Although it is very good to follow a healthy diet, it is advisable that one should not go overboard and starve oneself in the name of dieting. It is better to make a resolve to replace fast food and junk food with juice diet and salads.

Disadvantages of the Crash Diet

There are many kinds of crash diets in which you may get attracted and invite even more trouble than just obesity. In fact, when you eat far less than your body requires, it gets the false signal of flight or fight from the brain and instead starts storing fat. Also when you eat less, it slows down your metabolism.

Ready-made diets like Bistro Md and Weight Watchers, besides many others are available, that is popular diet foods today. You can try any of them as they’re available at inexpensive prices. How effective they’re depends on your body metabolism and burning capacity. Moreover it depends on your pocket too. Home cooked fresh foods are always healthy and wholesome foods. While you take a diet free of sugar, starch and fats also go in for alternative treatments for weight loss.

What Is Hypnosis?

One such effective method is called hypnosis. In traditional hypnosis, suggestions are directly given to the unconscious mind. In this case, suggestions about proper diet, exercise and general good health feeling can be given, as starters.

Hypnosis is very much similar to dreaming. In fact more like daydreaming. When you dream or even day-dream, you alter your state of consciousness and your vibrations change to alpha frequency. Sometimes a dream is so intense and powerful that a person actually manifests what he sees in it. This is a spontaneous phenomenon. This is exactly the same phenomenon that also occurs when a person goes into hypnosis. He goes into this altered state of consciousness and during this period, the active or the logical mind goes to sleep and therefore whatever suggestions are given to him goes directly to his sub-conscious mind.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

The traditional hypnosis is the basic form of hypnotherapy wherein the person is taken into a trance and then given instructions which, then he follows accordingly. However, it must be made sure that the person is willingly going for the hypnotherapy. Their agreement to go through the therapy itself allows their sub-conscious to open for any suggestions to be given to it. After assuring the consent of the person, set the mood by providing the appropriate ambience and atmosphere.

After the relaxation process, the person is taken through the routine till he is almost asleep. After the person is totally hypnotised, give them the necessary suggestions and bring them out of the trance. This whole procedure ensures that the person is ready to act according to the suggestions given to him and will enable him to get the results he desires.

Therefore, for starters, you can start by affirming positively to yourself, “I look and feel healthy and fit!”

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Latasri is a fitness and diet enthusiast who often blogs about exercise, fitness, eating right, diet and weight loss. In her website she makes available fitness diet coupons that can help in maintaining a slim and trim figure.

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    Interesting post Latasri. You are suggesting that with the method of hypnosis a person can receive “suggestions” into his subconscious that would empower him or her to lose weight. I believe that such suggestions will have to do with exercising more or dieting better.

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