How to Lose Weight with Running

Weight loss is a matter of calories in and calories out. The greater calorie deficit you create, the more pounds you’re going to shed. No doubts. Nevertheless, finding the right training-diet approach can be tricky. For that, starting a running program is your best ally for shedding those pounds and keeping them off for good.

Running has too many benefits. Not only it will help you get into the best shape of your life, it’ll also help you ward off heart-related problems, make you look younger, reduce stress, enhance sexual performance, improve mental agility and boost your overall health and well-being levels.

Therefore, if you’re looking to start a weight loss running program, here are the 3 guidelines you’re going to need to achieve success for the long-term.

Start Slow

The most common mistake among novice runners is trying to run too much too soon, hoping to speed up the weight loss process. This is the recipe for disaster. Doing so won’t improve your odds for weight loss. Right on the contrary, overdoing the exercise can lead to a myriad of injuries and health problems, resulting in a painful burnout and further setbacks.

As result, if you’re a new comer to the sport of running, be careful. Make sure to go slow by opting for walking instead of running. If you think you can do more, go for a walk-run-walk pattern and gradually increase you running time and take less for recovery until you’re able to run straight for 30 minutes without much huffing and puffing.

Interval Running

One of the preeminent training strategies for shedding the highest amounts of calories within the shortest time possible is interval running. Also know as High Intensity Interval training (or HIIT for short), this type of exercise consists of alternating between high intensity boots of running and low intensity intervals for recovery and rest. Many studies have praised the effectiveness of HIIT for fighting off belly fat and improving speed, stamina and athletic performance.

Nevertheless, interval running can prove risky—especially for the beginner runner. This is why it’s crucial to go for short running intervals and take extra precautions.

Here is how you ought to proceed with an interval running session:

  • Start with a 10-minute slow jog to loosen up your legs and get your body warmed and prepped for the hard intensity ahead.
  • Go for your first interval at no more than 80% of your maximum cardio capacity for 30 seconds. Take a one-minute recovery jog.
  • Go for another round at 80% or more of your max. Jog for recovery.
  • Repeat the cycle 7-8 times.
  • End the workout with a decent cool-down. Jog slowly for 5-minute and gently stretch your body.

Of course, the length and intensity of each interval depends largely on your fitness level and training goals. As a result, you need to find what works best for you and build on that. No suit fits all.

Proper Diet

Though running sheds crazy calories, for effective weight loss results, you need to back your program with the right diet. Indulging yourself in junk food and overeating as a reward for hard efforts on the running track is a sure way to pile on more pounds. This can only add to the frustration.

The best way to eat properly is to monitor your eating habits via a food journal. Good eating habits are universal. They are no secret. Most people know what junk food is, and what a healthier choice should be.

Still, what gets the best out of most people are those unconscious bad habits. For that, keeping track of your calorie intake can help you shed light on those hidden aspects and help you pinpoint exactly what needs changing. Just be honest with yourself and make sure that you’re getting your energy needs met. Otherwise, starving yourself will spell disaster on your weight loss efforts and health status.

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