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Loud Mouth Golf Pants

Maybe you just haven’t been paying attention, though they’re hard to miss.  Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about the aptly named, Loud Mouth Golf pants.  Guess which golfer is wearing them in the photo above?  If you don’t think that they look completely ridiculous, you can buy a pair for about a hundred bucks from the Loud Mouth website.

In the past, golf itself has been a tremendously profitable industry particularly with golf equipment.  It’s operated on pushing the idea of ‘planned obsolescence‘ whether or not it’s actually the case.  Every year each major golf club manufacturer rolls out its new line of golf clubs with the promise of longer and more accurate drives.

Golf balls?  Same deal.  You can actually buy a sleeve of 12 golf balls for $50 Canadian dollars or more.  That’s over four bux for every shot you shank into the trees.

As part of human nature, it’s easy to buy into these quick fixes.  Ge’ez, I could use another 10-15 yards on my drive, should I buy the latest Nike® driver or take some lessons from a qualified instructor?

Like most marketing models, the basic premise involves getting the most influential person you can afford to use your product and everyone else will follow.

Basic Premise of Golf Marketing:

  • Monkey see – monkey do – If those clubs are good enough for Tiger…  Did John Daly shoot a 66 wearing Loud Mouth Golf pants?  Maybe there’s a psychological edge?
  • The arms race – Most people are inherently competitive.  Everyone wants an ‘edge, ‘ but who wants to be at an unfair disadvantage?  What golfer wants to be out driven by someone in their foursome and think it’s because they’re using inferior technology for clubs or balls.  That’s just not right.
  • Trademark appealing slogans – Titleist® balls have Drop-and-Stopâ„¢ Greenside control, do yours?  Maybe that’s why your approach shots are always rolling off the green.
  • Make promises either overt or suggestive – Marketing companies are in tune with what people want.  For golf, nearly every golfer wants to drive the ball farther with more accuracy.  At the same time, one way or the other most golf equipment relates to this need.  Granted, better equipment can help in nearly every sport, but there’s never a substitute for practice, instruction, and training either.  Most people pay more attention to what equipment the top golfers are using than who their swing coach is, right?
  • Appeal to our innate laziness – Appeal to our tendencies to look for quick, effortless solutions.  That’s kind of like diet pills.  Looking for the path of least resistance isn’t necessarily bad, if it really is the best path.

Maybe golf pants are just golf pants.  If you’re the type who really likes to stand out in a crowd, then Loud Mouth golf pants might be for you.  Would you wear these?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sports equipment or ugly golf pants for that matter.  What’s the point that I’m trying to make?  Whether it’s diet pills or the latest sports equipment, quick fixes often go against common sense.  Bottom line:  if you want results you’re going to have to get off your butt and practice, learn, and work hard.

*Image from this link:  Loud Mouth Golf

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