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Beef Jerky Recipe

While this delicious snack may have originated from the beautiful lands of South Africa, it’s made a name for itself internationally, with many companies selling it on supermarket shelves and in convenience stores. True lovers of beef jerky wouldn’t want to change it in the slightest; however, there are a number of similar (and just as tasty!) products that are readily available on the market. If you just can’t get enough of that delicious jerky taste, try these South African delights next time you’re in the kitchen!

Beef Jerky

If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, you must firstly try some beef jerky. While you can get jerky in other flavours, beef is the most common and popular, amongst many countries. Beef jerky originated in South America, where it was traditionally salted and then left to dry in the sun. Since this time, the process of making beef jerky has differed slightly, involving the meat to be slowly cooked and then quickly dried, as it is infused with spices via a smoking method. The slow cooking process of making jerky, allows the flavours to be enhanced, creating a rich and flavoursome snack.


While there are many similarities between beef jerky and biltong, there are also a number of differences, including the origin. Originally created in the heart of South Africa, biltong is a cured meat with one major difference to beef jerky – the flavour. While both endure similar methods of processing, biltong holds more of its steak-like flavour, in comparison to that of the marinated flavours of beef jerky. If you love beef jerky, you are sure to fall in love with the taste of biltong.

Biltong Powder

Once you’ve tried quality biltong, you’ll want this unforgettable flavour in every meal! Specialised retailers sell biltong powder, a flavouring that can be added to nearly any dish. While biltong powder can be artificially produced, quality manufacturers sell biltong powder by simply grinding existing biltong to a fine dust – the perfect addition to any meal!


Also originating from South Africa, Droewors (also referred to as dry wors) are a healthy snack, similar in appearance to a sausage. Droewors start off as a sausage, but undergo a similar drying process to jerky and biltong, creating a flavourful treat of mixed spices. Traditional flavours, along with chili and other varieties are available, commonly found in both thick and thin styles.

Do it yourself!

If you love the taste of biltong and jerky, there are a number of various recipes that incorporate the use of these products. While you may enjoy the flavour, eating the same thing over and over can become a little monotonous. Get creative in the kitchen and try your luck at creating biltong muffins, pastas and salads!

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