Man Vs. Woman – Spotting The Difference

What makes man differ from woman? Well, it is in the history that woman was taken from the man’s ribs. Biblically speaking, it is true since that everything specifically a human existence started from a single creation.

Every one of us has to experience the different stages of development and each stage has a manifestation of different traits. Well, on this post, we will focus on the situation where man and woman handle in a different way. Anyway, we will not tackle about the developmental stages; this is just all about common scenario which man and woman act differently. Plus, this is also some facts in this chaotic world. So, we will explore the world of truth, take a deep breath and relax.

Truth #1 – Some actions are awkward to some guys.

a. It is okay to see two girls having an HHWW or holding hands while walking. Well, try to imagine two guys doing it. It is a little bit awkward, right? You might be wondering “who is who” in the pair.

b. During acquaintance, gatherings or special occasions, have you observed guys doing a cheek to cheek greetings? Maybe, ladies are used to “it” and they are doing it whether to the other girls or with guys. Are there some men brave enough or have guts to do it with the fellow seeds of Adam? Try to think of this scenario.

c. Guys in nature are the silent type. When they see their crush or the one they admired most, they used to stare at those girls. What will be the impressions of others if they will also manifest their strong feelings like common girls do? Hope to see this point on the line above.

Truth #2 – Girls are open to all strategies to solve a general problem but guys see that “picture” in a different way.

a. Girls as they are want to solve a problem or a multiple problems in just a short period of time. As we observe, they tend to show irritations if they don’t reach their goal of overcoming a certain “wave” in their set time. We cannot deny this fact since the sample number is everywhere in the community.

b. Speaking about guys, when facing problems, they want to do it step by step. They tend to finish one problem at a time before thinking of some solutions to other problems. These two different characteristics may be the cause of some conflict between the two.

Truth # 3 – Guys try to keep their feelings but girls have courage to say it.

This is not a general case but it is observed that guys will just keep everything as they can. They don’t want arguments with their pair so they choose to swallow their pride and go with the flow. Girls, of course, want to show their feelings, whether they are angry, worried or irritated.

The above mentioned points may not be that accurate as expected. This is just base on the thorough research and study about the psychological personality of every human.

Jolly Elle Markham

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