Medical Community Increasingly Utilizes Yoga for Health Problems

Traditionally, practicing yoga for health problems and other forms of alternative medicine were seen as something patients could pursue at their own discretion. They carried little risk of harm, but the medical establishment rarely went out of their way to recommend them.

However, this paradigm is now changing, with many medical professionals seeking training on how to prescribe yoga or meditation to their patients and incorporating these techniques into their practices.

Yoga classes in Arizona are a particular hotbed of medical research into the health benefits of these alternative treatments. Officials from the University of Arizona recently explained to the Huffington Post that the school has undertaken significant efforts in recent years to bring alternative medicines into the mainstream and to study the benefits of these approaches.

The school now has numerous programs that teach new physicians about the benefits of alternative approaches to health and how to make these techniques a larger part of their practices.

“It’s a really big step that the College Of Medicine was willing to say ‘This is important. This is no longer fad, and we will recognize it,'” Dr. Victoria Maizes, executive director at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, told the news source.

However, yoga classes in Arizona aren’t the only ones receiving attention from the medical establishment. Researchers from colleges and universities across the country said they are looking for ways to incorporate integrative medicine and alternative therapies into the lessons of their medical students. The hope is that this will allow these types of approaches to health to play a larger role in the future of medicine.

Of course, these schools are only now catching on to what yoga practitioners and instructors have known for centuries. Utilizing yoga for health problems is one of the most effective approaches to healing. Western medicine typically involves the administration of a medication to treat a specific symptom. Yoga on the other hand takes a much more global view of a person’s health. This often delivers more positive results.

The growing interest in yoga and alternative medicine among the medical establishment may lend a greater perception of validity to the practices for many individual who are less familiar with the techniques. Still, people who are interested in the benefits of yoga do not need to wait for their doctor to advise them to take a class. There are many yoga classes in Arizona and throughout the country.

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  • December 16, 2011 at 1:09 am

    Food is the most powerful medicine available to you. No prescription drug can reverse poor nutritonal choices. None of us is perfect nor should we try to be. Each healthy choice, no matter how infrequent helps. My goal is to help you turn “good enough” into “the best possible.”

  • December 14, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Yoga is really helpful and we should all be aware of that…Thanks for the information though…


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