The Megan Fox Diet for Natural Good Looks

The Megan Fox diet has attracted quite a bit of attention. The star looks great but doesn’t believe in restrictive dietary plans. Instead, you can find Fox sitting down to almost a guaranteed 5 daily meals. Each meal is made up of mostly raw foods and is chosen for its healthy nutritional qualities.

Eating 5 meals per day is just part of the Megan Fox diet. She avoids dairy foods and is really quite dedicated to making sure she has nutritional balance through the use of supplements. Fish oil, vitamins and minerals round out the gaps she has in her daily consumption. By sticking with quality foods that are loaded with nutrition, Fox has been able to stay slender, Botox free, and even far away from damaging hair dyes.

When traveling and filming Fox admits that sticking with her meal regimen can be less than ideal. It can be difficult to find the proper foods on set and with tight schedules there isn’t always time to sit down for each meal. Nevertheless, the beauty stays within the realm of her mostly vegan diet and looks for healthy and nutritional snack options when meals aren’t available.

Part of the trend that Fox is helping to bring into awareness is the principle that women can be absolutely beautiful when they take better care of their health and their happiness. The days of women striving to be thin through dietary starvation have taken their toll on countless super stars and super moms alike. Eating healthy vegan raw foods can provide an essential energizing diet that actually prevents dieting. Studies have proven time and again that eating more often boosts one’s metabolism. Megan Fox is the living proof that beauty comes from within and radiates outward.

The beauty basics that Fox follows are a recipe that some women find too good to be true. Eat more often (making healthy choices) and create a world of happiness and joy sound like fairy tales that many women only wish could come true. Yet just one look at the totally natural, slender, stunning Megan Fox and women are taking notice. Perhaps the recipe isn’t too good to be true. Without cosmetic care and the usual Hollywood tricks the proof is right in front of the camera.

With more Hollywood stars looking toward natural dieting habits and healthy good looks it is possible that the women of tomorrow might find their bodies to be more befriended by the media. It’s not uncommon for women of today to constantly compare themselves to the figures that they see under the spotlight and spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to look forever young, beautiful, and thin. If simple raw vegan based habits, regular eating schedules that go beyond the 3 squares, and being wonderfully happy can work for a star under pressure it is likely to work for the typical woman.

The Megan Fox diet will undoubtedly help many who are struggling with their weight and their physicality to take the initiative to look better by focusing on better health. Healthy habits can create a much healthier look overall and are not likely to cause problems later like starvation or unbalanced diet plans.

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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  • November 30, 2011 at 3:00 am

    This really sounds like a good diet and also if you see her shape it has to be good. Thanks for sharing this because I always wandered how see did it. Thanks!


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