Mental Health Re-evaluated

The ubiquity of depression can be seen in all parts of the world. Whether it’s the depression of a youth in the United States or of an adult in Japan, tens of millions of individuals have suffered from depression at least once in their life. To this date, depression and mental illness in itself have been studied immensely by medical professionals.

One of the latest studies found that depression is a major career barrier for women, while a different study noted that depression in hip fracture patients can result in a hindrance of physical recovery and could hurt their immunity.

What could be the causes of depression? There are a variety of reasons: a bleak economic outlook, a mental illness, genetics, summer weather, smoking, poor sleep habits and even an overload of Facebook. is a complete platform that helps patients understand and treat depression more effectively. The website provides comprehensive information about the types of depressions in order to help improve diagnosis and thus treatment. It highlights the need to differentiate sadness from depression and the importance of monitoring the signs and symptoms of depression to make an accurate diagnosis.

The portal provides information about diagnosis and testing as well as about medical conditions that mimic depression. There is also detailed information about the most commonly used and well-known therapies for depression, which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Medication, Hospitalization, Electroconvulsive Therapy and Self-Help.

Each of these treatment methods contains an outline regarding effectiveness, pros and cons and cost of treatment are highlighted.

The website also provides advice with respect to interacting and dealing with a loved one who is suffering from depression. Since emotional support is vital for depressive patients, it is important to learn how to interact with them and to avoid mistakes that could hinder the process of healing.

In addition, depression is often misunderstood, not just by victims of depression but by friends and family members. Therefore, it is imperative that patients, siblings, spouses, friends and family understand depression and to be immensely supportive.

The organization lists useful information about financial resources and how patients can help fund their treatment through Medicaid. It is important to note that patients may be eligible for Medicaid if their medical bills are very high, if they receive supplemental security income, if they maintain an income with limited resources and meet disability requirements or have proof of American citizenship or residency. There is also information about housing assistance, living expense assistance and prescription drug assistance.

This website is a complete resource for those interested in obtaining information about depression. It has a section on information resources that provides links to websites consisting of scholarly articles and other relevant information.  The resources include the National Institute of Mental Health, Mayo Clinic, Psych Central, American Psychiatric Association, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Mental Health America, Active Minds, Families for Depression Awareness, Medline Plus and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. assists patients and interested parties to find a depression treatment center near them. It also features different Depression Treatment Centers to enable patients and family members to obtain information and get a basic idea about the center and its services. Overall, this website has a wealth of information for patients suffering from depression as well as for their family and friends.

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