Mentoring and Recovery blog joins Hive Health Media Network!

Today, we’re happy to announce that a new blog, Mentoring and Recovery with Shannon Cutts, has joined the Hive Health Media Blog Network!  Shannon’s blog is hosted at Psych Central which is the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health and psychology network.

Shannon Cutts is an author, college circuit speaker, and the executive director of Mentor Connect:  Where relationships replace eating disorders.  Beating Anna:  How to outsmart your eating disorder and get your life back is an acclaimed book by Shannon which helps those recovering from eating disorders.

Shannon herself is a survivor of a 15-year battle with an eating disorder who now turns her focus to helping others by sharing her experiences and helping create mentoring relationships.  In addition to her mentoring roles, Shannon is also a songwriter, recording artist, and a multi-instrumentalist.  You can hear some of Shannon’s music at Shannon’s MySpace profile.

Doug and I are excited about Shannon’s blog joining our network!

About Hive Health Media

Hive Health Media has now grown to 13 websites including our network hub in under its first year. We strive to maintain editorial quality and provide our readers with fast, accurate, and topical related news and health related tips.

We also endeavor to grow our community and member blogs in addition to encouraging new and unique perspectives from our guest blog articles.

If you would like to submit your blog for consideration or find out more about joining our network, you can contact us or read more about our requirements. Visit Mentoring & Recovery today!

One thought on “Mentoring and Recovery blog joins Hive Health Media Network!

  • December 31, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    I am beyond excited to have Shannon join the Hive.

    If you spend 5 minutes scouring her blog archives, it becomes readily apparent that not only does she know her stuff…she really gives a damn about her readers.

    Shannon’s a great addition to the Hive


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