A Slice of Life for Women in 40’s – The Midlife Crisis

Aging is a natural process which every living being has to go through in our transition of life. From birth onwards, women adorns the virtues of nurture, care and kindness as a daughter, sister, wife and mother.  As she enters the dreaded age of 40 and above,  some women find that the whole life comes through as flash from the past with ensuing questions.  For many these questions revolve around  life, ambitions, future, stability, sexuality and desirability.  Others become preoccupied with self doubts and introspection.

Many women realize when their reproductive years are coming to an end and may be left feeling surrounded with thoughts of unhappiness or emptiness.  Some sail through the rough phase smoothly while others suffer through the traumas that arrive with a midlife crisis.

Ways to Overcome Midlife Crisis

Living and rediscovering life in a childlike manner helps to elevate your energy levels.  Do the things that you always wanted to do as a child like playing a game that you enjoyed, or relishing a dish that your mother cooked so well or reading books and comics that you enjoyed once or listening to those old classic songs from your school days.

In today’s world, the 40’s are now the new 30’s!  With not only our increased lifespan, but also ways to age gracefully, turning 40 isn’t as scary as it once was. We have technology, entertainment, society  and many lifestyle activities to learn, enjoy and experience a whole new existence.  Keeping in touch with friends and relatives to relight the memories of the bye gone era helps in infusing a new dimension to the present and future life.

You might just realize that how beautiful the journey has been and there is still so much left in you to walk before you mourn it. Discussing it with peer groups and people who are going through or have been there can help you avoid or re-look into your own circumstances and desires. It can add a new perspective to your own insight of the crisis.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your near and dear ones, helping others to realize their potential, becoming a guardian or a role model to the younger lot, opening communication channels with friends and foes, letting go your past hatchets, and celebrating every occasion with your family, friends and close ones is a way to feel lively again.

Look at the positives of life of what you have achieved and how secure, stable and wise you are now than when you were in your 20’s. However, if you face a serious depression in this midlife transition phase of life, then it is sensible to take medical advice in the form of talk therapies, medications and exercises.

On the lighter side, look at the glass as half full and add life to years. Just breeze through the waves of midlife crisis and discover an ocean of new opportunities, adventures and explorations with optimistic perspective and the world will look much happier and wiser.

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