Migraine Madness: Is It Time for a Trip to the Optometrist?

Do you frequently squint to see things clearly? And if so, do you also get headaches? If your poor vision is the main cause of your ongoing headaches, then stop wasting your time looking for the perfect anti-migraine relief. Poor vision and migraine are closely intertwined. Each time you resort to squinting in order to focus your vision clearly, you stress and overwork your eye muscles. Your chronic bouts of migraine may simply mean one thing: it is time to visit the optometrist.

Even people who have relatively perfect vision can have underlying eye-related problems that lead to recurring headaches. In some cases, internal pressure brought about by swelling within the brain can result in visual disturbances and headaches.


The causes of headaches are far-reaching. They range from food-related reactions to weather conditions, from sleep deprivation to side effects of certain medications. But for some people, the headaches are triggered by vision problems and can be easily corrected by seeing an optometrist.

If you have prescription glasses and have stopped wearing them because you find contact lenses more convenient for your lifestyle, then pick up contact lenses without a prescription online. Use the current prescription from your optician. Stop squinting and get rid of the headaches that have been bothering you all the time.

Eye strain is becoming increasingly prevalent in workplaces that require employees to sit in front of computers for long periods of time. The growing reliance on electronic gadgets, such as texting on small smartphone screens and browsing the web on tablet computers, also contributes to putting an inordinate amount of strain on the eye muscles. It is not rare for day-long computer users to complain of headaches.

When you focus on images and words displayed on your computer screen, you are essentially looking at numerous tiny dots called pixels. The images and words that are made up of those countless tiny pixels lack well-defined edges. So your eyes and associated eye muscles work harder in order for you to focus more clearly. And when your eye muscles suffer from fatigue, you can end up with throbbing headaches that develop behind or around the eye area.

Farsightedness, when left uncorrected, often results in pain around the eyebrow area or frontal headaches. Farsighted people are not able to adequately focus on objects near them. So the more they attempt to focus to see things clearly, the more strain they place on their eye muscles. Headaches develop frequently because of that.

There is also the natural deterioration of eyesight that comes with age. Forty-something people may begin to develop farsightedness. When they read, the text and images appear blurry. This condition is called presbyopia, and it cannot be avoided as it is part of the aging process. Reading glasses with the right focusing power can readily address presbyopia and stop the headaches that usually accompany it.

If you struggle with eye strain, squint a lot in order to see clearly, and suffer from frequent headaches afterward, then make time to visit the optometrist and get your vision problem corrected at the soonest possible time.

Leonardo Dawson is an ergonomist. He loves to share his tips for how to feel better on family and household blogs.

Leonardo Dawson

Leonardo Dawson is an avid blogger who likes to write about health issues. His articles appear on various medical websites.

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