Five Mistakes to Avoid in Alcohol Rehab

Deciding whether or not to go into alcohol rehab is not an easy choice. If you’ve elected to go to alcohol rehab and face your drinking problem head-on, you’re doing something very courageous. Now it’s important that you be aware of possible pitfalls to avoid sabotaging your alcoholism rehab. People make some common mistakes when they seek treatment for an alcohol problem. This article looks at the top five and how you can avoid them.

#1. Being Dishonest with the Treatment Team

People who have a drinking problem are often ashamed of how much they drink. It’s embarrassing to tell strangers you routinely drink three bottles of wine a night or that you can go through a bottle of whiskey in 15 minutes flat. You may be tempted to edit the truth and say you drink less than you do.

It’s a bad idea though to start off lying to the people who want to help you. Remember they are professionals and have heard stories like yours many times. They will not be shocked or horrified by anything you have done, so honesty is your best policy.

#2. Trying to Do Alcohol Rehab Alone

If you have a chronic alcohol problem, you may be worried your friends and family are getting fed up with you. If you’ve been through treatment before and relapsed, you may be afraid to ask for their support again.

But recovering from alcoholism is not a do-it-yourself activity. You need the support of the people who love you. You may be right by thinking not all of them will want to be involved, but many of them will. Allow those people who care about you to help and support you.

#3. Not Following Up As Recommended

Alcohol rehab is designed to get you through the first few days without alcohol. Detoxing, though, is not the end of the road—it’s only the beginning. Now you need to build a high-quality life for yourself that isn’t based on alcohol. You’re far more likely to succeed if you can hear how other people managed it, so get counseling, join a support group or follow-up with outpatient services at the rehab center.

#4. Returning to the Same Environment That Created the Problem

Don’t expect to hang out with old friends in bars and other environments where drinks are being served and not be tempted to drink yourself. As you recover, you may have to make the difficult decision to stay away from other people who are addicted and not in recovery. This means making new friends and perhaps establishing a whole new social network.

#5. All or Nothing Thinking

Most people have at least one relapse after going through alcohol rehab. In fact, relapse is so common it’s considered one of the stages of change. Though, many people who are battling addictions don’t realize this. They think if they slip up once, they might as well just go back to drinking.

Don’t make that mistake. One slip-up is not the end of the world. Acknowledge it as a mistake, get some support and get back on your path to recovery.

With all this new knowledge on alcohol rehab, you’re probably ready to start learning more about substance abuse treatment in general. This post was provided by guest blogger James Tennant.

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