Motivational Benefits of Competitive Sports

If you struggle to find the drive and motivation to exercise to your full potential, you are not alone! Many of us find it very difficult to train at a high intensity on a regular basis. I am posting today about the importance of competitive sport to assist in motivating you to train at your maximum potential. Whether you are exercising with the goal of weight loss or lean muscle mass building, a lack of motivation will constantly haunt you. I am going to guide through the steps you need to build your motivation and increase your intensity. You are going to be working harder than ever and feeling better for it. For those of you who compete in a regular sporting group you will find this post emphasizes what you already know.

Step 1. Find a Sport That Caters to Your Needs

If you are a competitive person, like me, you need to find a sport where you can advance quickly and start taking on some serious competition. If you aren’t so competitive, a less strenuous environment would me more applicable. We are all competitive by nature and you must harness this if you want to reach your athletic potential.

Step 2. Compete on a Weekly Basis

You are going to be experiencing the ups and downs of competitive sport; this is the fuel you need to drive yourself in your personal training environment. Most of us cease to compete in sport around the end of high school/college, and for most of us they were the most enjoyable years of our lives. The importance of making time for your competitive sporting commitments is paramount, without competition in your life you will likely go insane. Irrespective of the result, playing a competitive sport will drive you to improve; you will feel this when you experience your first loss. This will probably happen sooner rather than later if you are new to the sport.

Step 3. What if You Are Not Enjoying Yourself?

For those of you, who don’t have a sport in mind, test out the waters. Go to your local sporting community and sign up for different competitions until you find your niche. There is a competition level out there to suit you; you just need to get out there and find it. If you feel that your co-ordination is going to be your downfall, you are wrong. Put in the time that is required and you will reap the rewards. Of course some of us are more athletic than others, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from competing at his or her own level. If a sport is getting the better of you, rather than getting overly frustrated, it might be time to change it up.

Step 4. Transferring Sport Specific Skills into Your Personal Training

As a professional Volleyball player this isn’t a hard task for me as all of my strength training is sport specific. If you aren’t sure of how to incorporate sport specific exercises into your usual training program, is a great resource. A personal trainer or fitness expert can easily guide you through some exercises to improve your competitive performance. For those of you similar to me you will enjoy exploring the sport and discovering these exercises for yourself. Find what works for you!

As a Professional athlete I can guarantee that weekly competition will give you the motivation and drive you need to reach your maximum athletic potential. Through recent experience I was going through these exact same troubles. After my Knee reconstructive surgery I struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could barely get out of bed in the mornings. Stepping back into competition instantaneously renewed my drive to succeed and reach my sporting potential once again. Try it for yourself and get back to me!

Jasper Boyschau

Hi, I am a 21 year old Professional Volleyball Player/Entrepreneur. I have been playing Volleyball Professionally in Europe for the past 2 years. In my free time, my friend and I began one of the top driving schools Logan has to offer: We have a premium service of the best driving lessons Wynnum can provide. My other interests include Health and Fitness as well as online marketing and economics.

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