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The medical sciences have made unprecedented progress in the last four decades. We are living with better medical facilities than ever before. At least, this is what the statistics say. The ground realities are somewhat different. We do have a medicine for almost every health problem; however do we stop to consider the side effects of these medicines- side effects on our body and on the planetary health. Nonetheless, across the globe we have nations and cultures that have always depended on natural cures for certain ailments and still stick to them here are some of them listed:Natural remedies

  • Mustard in Britain: The Brits have been using this pungent spice to cure muscle aches. The herb has the power to extract the pain causing toxins from the pores and ease the blood circulation. It has also been seen effective in healing wounds.
  • Honey in New Zealand: The New Zealanders love unpasteurized honey to ward off sinuses and throat infections. The natural antibiotics and enzymes of unpasteurized honey are potent enough to kill 100% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Coconut oil in Sri Lanka: The South Asian island has been very liberal in using coconut oil. The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) found in the oil helps in burning the body fats with almost double the speed.
  • Coffee in Finland: The Finnish are the largest consumers of coffee in the world. They use this wonderful beverage to stay happy- yes, to fight depression. A Harvard research says that two cups of coffee every day brings down the chances of you getting sad by almost 34%. The antioxidants present in coffee stimulate the brain’s production of powerful antidepressants and hormones like serotonin and dopamine.
  • Ginger in Indonesia: The largest producer and consumer of ginger, Indonesians use ginger as an effective heart tonic. The ginger can be found in form of breads, candies, teas and is also freely used to spice up the daily meals. A study at the Stanford University says that ginger considerably reduces the production of harmful fats that can clog the arteries.
  • Yoga in Austria: The Austrians have embraced this ancient science as the most potent stress buster. The rhythmic breathing, a key feature of yoga helps the body relax. The lucid movements and the controlled muscle stretch help in improving the overall health. Yoga in Austria is especially used to alleviate insomnia, control anxiety, cure chronic stress, and make mood blues disappear. Yoga also helps in the secretion of GABA, a calming hormone for the brain.
  • Black mushrooms in Japan: These edible fungi may not be very appealing to the eye and the palate, but it sure does help in fighting some nasty cholesterol. The Japanese use it as food and as medicine as well. The antioxidants, which are abundant in these mushrooms, cut down the production of artery-clogging fats in the liver.
  • Turmeric in India: The magical Indian spice is used as a remedy for a number of things- fighting common cold and cough, curing acne and other skin problems, keeping Alzheimer’s at bay, and fighting high blood sugar. The main component of turmeric, curcumin is found to positively affect the genes that control blood glucose levels. It also helps the pancreas increase the production of insulin when the sugar level flares up.
  • Garlic in Russia: It will not only ward off the vampires, but will also keep viral infections at a bay. At least the Russians say so. Garlic is widely used in Russia to fight viral infections like the common cold and flu. Allicin, one of the main sulphur compounds boosts the immunity and keeps a check on the spread of germs.
  • Coriander in Egypt: one of the oldest spices in use, coriander is used to fight stomach infections and food poisoning in Egypt. Studies say that coriander seeds can be especially effective in treating intestinal infections and destroy some stubborn bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella.
  • Aloe Vera in Mexico: No longer a Mexican secret, aloe vera has proved to have miraculous effects on most of the skin problems. From reducing the redness and inflammation to treating acne to keeping your skin, hydrated and healthy, aloe vera is great for the skin. It has also been reported that aloe vera can even heal serious skin conditions like psoriasis.

These health care alternatives have proved useful for millions of people for hundreds of years. The best part being that they are all-natural and are easily accessible. With the growing environmental concerns, no one can completely escape the harms that this so-called development has brought along. Nevertheless, we can always choose to be on the safer side, be closer to nature to avoid the maximum impact. There are a number of online doctors available for free medical advice. They can help you choose the best alternatives for expensive medicines.

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