Natural Ways To Induce Labor

During pregnancy, many women go past their due date. While this is not uncommon, it may send a woman looking for ways to induce labor. It is important to speak with your doctor or midwife before seeking out methods to induce labor. These methods should only be tried after you have been pregnant for at least 37 weeks. Before that time your baby is still developing and receiving benefits from being in the womb. Remember that the last month of pregnancy can be tiring but you will soon have your baby even if you have to be medically induced.

Natural Ways to Induce Labor

If your doctor or midwife thinks that you have been carrying for too long or there is an emergency, you can have labor medically induced. This will only be performed under certain conditions. Most women will prefer to try natural ways to go into labor before they have any medical procedure performed. All of the methods of ways to induce labor should be discussed with your midwife or healthcare professional before they are tried.

Having Sex

Sex is what put the baby in there and sex can often be what makes the baby come out. While sex can be challenging during the later months of pregnancy, many women find that frequent and robust sex will help them indcue labor. Reaching an orgasm can help the uterus begin to contract. It is important to not have too much sex before you want to go into labor as this can bring the process on too early.

Nipple Stimulation

Many women find that having their nipples stimulated is one of the simplest ways to induce labor. The nipples can be rubbed or gently sucked. Caressing the nipples will release oxytocin in the body which will help bring on labor. The release of oxytocin can help to bring about contractions of the uterus.


Simple walking is one of the best ways to go into labor. While you should not tire yourself out, a walk through the woods or down the street will help the baby to position itself and prepare to come out. When you are in the upright position, the baby will place pressure on your cervix. This pressure can help to release oxytocin, which will induce labor. Walking is also one of the best and gentlest forms of exercise to engage in during your pregnancy.

Labor Acupressure

Labor acupressure is similar to acupuncture but is more of a form of light massage. Rather than needles, acupressure is performed with the hands and thumbs. The thumbs and hands are placed on pressure points on the body which are known to induce labor. This can performed by your partner or a midwife.

Other Ways to Go Into Labor

The above methods of ways to go into labor have been successful for many women. Other methods include blowing up balloons and gently bouncing on a birthing ball. Some women choose to eat spicy foods like curry. Crying can also help, so some women will watch a tear-jerker of a film.

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