What Are the Best Non-Skin Care Products?

This list of skin care products may be slightly controversial, but each and every one of them will help rejuvenate your skin in a way that you may not have considered before hand. When you are skim reading the headings below, remember that it is the application of these products so don’t judge them on the titles.


The number one most important item to look after your skin is sunscreen, the higher the SPF the better, you can even buy moisturizer that has SPF factor, so as you wash and moisturize your face during the day, your face is still protected by the moisturizer. There is no excuse for not putting sun protection on as it is regularly reinforced how damaging to the skin prolonged sun exposure can be.

Vitamin C

Essential to fight against skin damage and wrinkles, as it helps spur on the production of collagen, which as you know is the protein in your skin that keeps the skin looking firm, losing collagen means that your skin will sag and wrinkle, so keep stocked up on Vitamin C by enjoying berries, oranges, tomatoes and low-fat yoghurt. It’s a healthy low-fat snack having a bowl of fruit and yoghurt and can go a long way to keeping your skin looking young and fresh.

Face Wash

There are a lot of face washes on the market, but considering you should wash your face two to three times a day, you need to ensure the face wash you buy is gentle and doesn’t have too many harsh cleansers in the ingredients. Mild face wash will cleanse your face without washing away any of the oils that keep our skin healthy.

Running Shoes

The more you can exercise the better, as it keeps you healthy and strong, but second to that is the fact that the more you exercise, the better shape it keeps your skin. Exercise improves the circulation around your body, and better circulation means your skin is receiving healthier blood to replenish.

Cucumber and Tea

As they say, your eyes are the window to the soul and as most of the time the person you are talking to will be looking into your eyes. Crow’s feet are generally the first wrinkles to appear, so using specialist eye creams, of which there are plenty, are great to increase the blood flow around the eyes, and as described earlier, this is essential for healthy skin.

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