The Nonsense of Fad Diets

If there’s one thing that gets me heated and makes me put on my debating cap, it’s when someone mentions that they are on a new diet that involves something like not eating any carbs, or like not eating carbs and protein at the same time, or surviving only on a special syrup concoction for a number of weeks. The problem is that as soon as someone starts talking about these kinds of diets, I know the thought process behind it and I know the outcome.

There’s No Silver Bullet

The problem here is that when a person uses a fad diet it’s because they’re fed up with trying to lose weight the proper way. In other words, they’ve tried just lowering their intake of carbs and unfortunately they’ve simply given up on losing weight the ‘good way’. For whatever reason they’ve been unable to stick to a diet and a training program, so they’ve decided that the answer is to do something extreme for a couple of weeks and hope to see permanent results.

Because a fad diets are extreme this leads people to assume that they must work. Furthermore, because they only last a short amount of time this ensures that people can bear to stick at them. Unfortunately though the whole concept behind them is flawed.

Think of it this way – if it was possible to permanently and easily lose weight in a couple of weeks, no one would be overweight. The people who write these fad diets prey on the desperate and they care only about making money – at the expense of their customers’ health.

The Problems With Fad Diets

The problem with fad diets is that they invariably involve removing large aspects of your normal diet. This means not eating carbs, or it means eating nothing but syrup. The problem is though that the body needs all of the food groups and everything in your diet. There’s a reason that we eat meat, and a reason that we eat carbs.

Stop eating carbs and your body loses the energy it needs in the form of fuel, which means feel tired and lethargic and you won’t be able to get much from your training. Furthermore there’s a good chance your body will start to cannibalize your muscle for energy which is the last thing you want.

Furthermore if you do a fad diet your body will go into a ‘fasting mode’. Essentially when you stop eating carbs your body thinks you’re starving and so it becomes more energy-efficient and starts creating more fat stores to provide your body with emergency supplies of energy. This then means that you might lose some weight this way, but you will find that as soon as you start eating again you will pile on the pounds.

Meanwhile a lack of the other important food groups is going to result in all kinds of problems. A lack of fiber will ensure you end up constipated, while a lack of calcium will see your bones become fragile and a lack of vitamin C will leave you susceptible to illness. In short there is only one diet that works and that’s quite simply to eat what you’re eating now, but in smaller quantities.

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