Which Nutrients Can Help You Get Long and Healthy Hair?

Women faced with a number of beauty problems in the present times. Whether it is related with their weight, hair or with their skin, the problems are growing with the passage of time. If you are among the victims of fatness, skin acne, or are worried about the falling or the roughness of the hair, then you need to take care of what you put in your mouth.

The nutrition from your food directly influences your body. If you are having hair fall problems, and even the best shampoo and conditioner is causing you no change, then feed yourself with the best items that can help you regain the health.

Snacking on Nuts:

Nuts and dry fruits have a lot of nutrition in them that can help you attain the health you need for the proper health of your hair. Here is a list of nutrients that you will get from the nuts,


It is one of the most important minerals, on which most of the functions depend. Almonds, cashews, and pecans are also full of zinc. If you are shedding off hair, then it might be because zinc is missing from your diet.

Alpha-linolenic acids:

Walnuts are rich with alpha-linolenic acids. Try snacking on them to get the proper nutrition.


Another important nutrient, which keeps your hair healthy, is Omega 3. If you want to keep your condition good, try taking walnuts for that.


Important for the health of your scalp, you can use selenium from Brazil nuts.

Break An Egg for the Health of Your Hair:

Whether you eat it or put it on your head, eggs help in keeping your hair good. You can fry, boil, eat poached or scrambled eggs to get the protein, which is needed by your head.

In addition, Vitamin B-12 and biotin, which is present in the eggs, helps the skin as well as keeps your locks thick and shiny.

Whole Grain Items:

Eating grains is very important for your body as well as your scalp. The three important minerals in whole grain cereals, bread, or other items are:

The Importance of Calcium:

Dairy products such as yogurts, milk, and cheese are very necessary in getting your body the calcium it requires. The skimmed milk and yogurt also adds casein and whey, that are important for making your hair shine at all times.

Fishes and Veggies:

You can also obtain Omega-3 from the fish items that you eat. Salmon and tuna are the top choices that will keep the shine in your hair. Shellfish and oysters are also popular aphrodisiac and add essential oils to your hair and scalp.

While, eating vegetables are overall beneficial for your body. Carrots are full of vitamin A and naturally condition your hair.

Eating Berries:

Blueberries are important antioxidants and are important for the health and the shine of your hair. You can add them in your breakfast cereals or eat them raw as snacks.

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