Get Out of Obesity Induced Depression

The two scariest words — obesity and depression, sadly are strongly interconnected phenomena. Most of us who are overweight never realize that the extra pounds play havoc emotionally as well. Obesity comes with numerous health hazards, and the dreaded word ‘depression’ is one that creeps in slowly.

How are the two associated?

Like the long cherished debate over ‘chicken or the egg’, there are plentiful of arguments on what came first — depression or obesity. But most debates end concluding that obesity can fuel depression and can take it away as well, for example if a depressed obese individual loses weight, his or her depression is most likely to wither away as well.

How does the physical condition harm us psychologically?

Medical research has demonstrated an association between obesity and risk of depression (Arch Gen Psychiatry). The self-consciousness of obese individuals gradually pushes them to low self-esteem. All of us tend to wear a frown when the love handle shows off from that dress, the double chin starts being visible and unknowingly it pulls down the smiles we wear and the confidence we walk with.

How does social life play a role?

Social pressure has always been a twinge, and in the life of obese people it plays a catalyst in keeping us unhappy. The vicious cycle of obesity, lack of confidence and hence, unsocial behaviour continues, possibly leading to social isolation and depression. Conversely, participating in social sports and fun activities can improve your weight loss results!

So, how does one get out of the gloom?

Extra pounds always bring extra baggage of depression but the good news is that a few tips taken seriously can blow the blues away!

Here are few ways to change your life:

Step 1: Starting with the root problem, begin a multi-faceted weight loss program that combines your mindset, exercise, and also diet. The start has to be with healthy eating including consuming fewer calories, followed by an exercise plan.
Step 2: Right food is the mantra. While exercise will burn extra pounds, you have to eat right not to gain any more extra. Ensure you give your body holistic goodness of food rather than sinking to comfort food. Fruits, pulses, low-fat milk products, ensure you give your body all of it.
Step 3: Exercise with realistic goals. You are not going to achieve it all in a day; Start off with walking, cycling, and running and keep focus of the discipline to workout everyday.
Step 4: Add more fiber to your diet, it will help you get full soon and stays longer in your tummy. Hence, fibers also slow down the rate of digestion.
Step 5: Keep away from fried foods especially deep-fried as these contain a great deal of ‘bad’ fat.
Step 6: Water works magic. Drinking a minimum of six to eight glasses of water a day refreshes your body and flushes out all the unwanted toxins from the system. During every weight loss plan, your body needs to be well hydrated. So, be friends with water.

It is essential to remember, your body belongs to you, so, how you keep it is your prerogative. The mantra is to not let the world affect you but at the same time, learn to love your body and self!

Joel Newman shed 30 pounds in three months and feels better both mentally and physically now. Presently he is into research on human growth hormone that can help in weight reduction and general wellbeing.

Joel Newman

Joel Newman is a health and fitness expert who often blogs on these subjects. Presently he is into research on hgh and GenF20

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