Three Online Degrees Worth Paying For?

With the job market slowly bouncing back from a recession, it is important to have an advantage over other job applicants when entering the workforce. A college degree is a great way to gain the necessary experience and qualifications for a career in your field.

An online degree is an easy way to obtain a college education in a way that fits your schedule. An online degree is a major investment, and it is important to know which degrees are worth paying for in an ever-changing job market.

Business Administration

A degree in Business Administration is a great way to obtain a degree that can work in a variety of fields. It can also be a great foundation for future degrees. A Business Administration degree is perfect for fields such as business management, marketing, hospitality, and public relations. With this degree, you can go back to school for a specific field, or leave it general for a variety of job opportunities. A Business Administration degree focuses on skills like accounting, business management, finance, and human resources. Since the degree covers such a wide array of important aspects of business, it is a great one to have in an uncertain job market.

Finance Degree

Another online degree worth paying for is Finance. Finance professionals have actually seen salary increases over the past few years. The salary increases are also more than the national average increase for other professions. Finance degrees offer starting positions with average annual salaries of $47,000. By the middle of your career, you can earn an average of $91,000 a year. Some positions in the finance industry include financial advisers and finance managers.

Health Care Administration

Health Care Administration is a high-demand field, and an online degree allows you to always in demand in a relevant field. The health care field is always growing, and is expected to grow as much as sixteen percent over the next several years.

The average starting pay is almost $38,000. Midway through your career, you can expect to earn an average of almost $61,000 a year. Some of the positions within the health care administration field include insurance underwriters, who earn about $65,000 a year, and social and community service managers, which offers a $62,000 salary. One of the higher paying positions is that of medical and health services manager, which offers a $93,000 annual salary.

An online degree in any of these growing fields offers job security and stability during uncertain times. These fields have seen growth, even during a recession. When the economy stabilizes, these fields will continue to grow and offer lucrative job opportunities to candidates with a college degree. It is important to find the right online college for you. Choose a reputable online school, or a “bricks and mortar” campus that also features online courses.

A simple internet search can educate you on the best online schools in the USA and which programs they offer. Degrees may vary from school to school, so it is a good idea to ensure that the school you choose offers the program you which you wish to obtain a degree.

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