Oversized Breasts Can Harm Your Health

Many women with small or regular sized breasts have wished that they were a bigger size, but it is important to be careful what you wish for. Big breasts may have their visual advantages; however they can be harmful to a woman’s spine and posture if they are too big.

Oversized breasts can cause both physical and emotional pain. Physically speaking they are a huge weight on the front of a woman’s body, which can disrupt the body’s natural support structure based around the spine. Our spines are fighting every day to keep us upright and if there is a dead weight pushing our bodies forward it will put a large amount of strain on the lower back. Lower back pain can be debilitating if left for too long, meaning a person can’t bend properly, engage in certain sports or sleep comfortably.

Psychological Side-Effects

There are also some possible psychological side-effects of having naturally large (or surgically over-enhanced) breasts in the form of abuse. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for women with large breasts to be subject to harassment or abuse directly related to their breasts—such as jeering or unwanted sexually suggestive comments. This can have an adverse effect on a woman’s self esteem and can lower their sense of self worth, feeling that no one will look at her face instead of her chest. This is one of the reasons why breast reductions are undergone by women, and breast reduction surgery could help women with these problems feel better about themselves.

Getting The Correct Support

If a woman has large breasts it can be important to make sure they are getting enough support from the bra they are wearing. Wearing a bra that fits properly is imperative to a woman’s general health as it pulls the weight of the breasts in to the body which in turn can ease the strain on the lower back. For women who are athletic, sports bras can be a great way to exercise with the right amount of support and restraint for larger breasts. The average size of a woman’s breasts is becoming bigger as time goes by, so it is important for women to be measured regularly to ensure they are wearing the right sized bra for them.

Get The Right Bra

Whether a woman has naturally large breasts or ones that have been enhanced by breast enlargement surgery, they must make sure that they are gaining enough support from the bra they are wearing and that no extra strain is being placed on their back by the way they stand or walk.

Ed Baxter

Ed is a marketing manager for Stephen McCulley, a world leading cosmetic surgeon and plastic consultant based in Nottingham. He specialises in breast reconstruction after cancer.

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