Parents of Drug Addicts Must Not Lose Hope

It is the teenage years during which children feel the curiosity to explore drugs. During these growing years, they feel the urge to behave like adults. Taking drugs and alcohol is something they associate with adulthood. They act desperate to come out of their ‘child’ image and this is what leads them toward substance abuse. Attending drinking parties is a common thing amongst teenagers. It is at these parties where many teens have their first experiment with drugs. Apart from the school and college parties, teenagers and young adults indulge in substance abuse via the street drugs which are being sold as a part of a profitable business.

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Since this transition from the childhood to adolescence is an extremely sensitive phase, parents should remain extra cautious about the moves of the children. They have a big responsibility to ensure that the child does not get addicted to drugs and drinks. Not only should parents forewarn the teenagers about the dangerous consequences drugs produce, also keep an eye for any sign that is likely to hint that the teen is getting used to the harmful substances.

Unfortunately, there may be situations when despite all these precautionary measures, a teen can get addicted to drugs. This however, does not mean that there is no hope left for the teen. There are ample ways through which these children can be brought back to a normal healthy life. The basic thing that every parent whose child has got addicted to drugs should remember is that keeping the addiction a secret will only add to the complexities.


The most apparent sign that hints that the child is into substance abuse is the irritation that the child displays. It is natural for people to get irritated and behave overly sensitive when they are taking drugs. The irritation is a natural outcome of the mental conflict that these young minds experience as a result of the addiction. The effect of the substances on the human brain is so immense that it becomes impossible for the teen to behave rationally. Thus parents of drug addicts should not ignore situations when the teen is behaving aggressively. Since the addicted children do not want their parents to know about their addiction, it is obvious that they will try their best to hide the matter. As a matter of fact this will have an effect on their behavior.

Any slight abnormality in the behavior of the teen that parents can sense should be treated with concern. Parents should start observing the behavior of the child all the more closely. Experts advise that parents should try to engage the teen in casual conversations and try to gather maximum information about their activities. However, they must keep in mind that they do not come up with any unreasonable question as this is likely to make the teen suspicious and stop him from interacting with the parents.

Once confirmed that the teen is using drugs, parents of drug addicts should not hesitate from disclosing the news to the family doctor. In case, they feel uncomfortable discussing the matter with a known one; they can also go to an experienced counselor who will guide them on how to proceed for further help. Parents must never lose courage, instead feel more determined to help the child overcome the addiction and lead a healthy and happy life. While the fear faced by a parent about his or her child’s addiction is rational, it also needs to be understood that hiding about your child’s addiction will do no good to his or her life, instead make matters worse.

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