Is Perfect Curves Scam or Legit?

There are no lack of companies today that are trying to grab the attention of women everywhere with claims that their products will aid in breast enhancement. Perfect Curves is one such company that has gotten a great deal of attention. But many people are asking if their claims have any truth to them or if it is a Perfect Curves scam.

Perfect Curves manufactures and markets herbal supplements and creams and makes large claims that buying and using their products will result in breast enhancement. Before buying these products and possibly falling for a scam, let’s examine a few things about the products’ “natural” ingredients.

So-called natural or herbal treatment companies are rarely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Perfect Curves falls under this banner. Consumers need to understand ingredients that are used in pills and creams that they are considering buying to avoid scams as well as health problems.

Blessed Thistle

An ingredient that may be present in pills like those marketed by Perfect Curves is Blessed Thistle. Approved for use in some countries, it is used for the treatment of appetite loss and indigestion in women. It can also increase milk flow in nursing women and digestive tract irritation. No clinical trials have shown that Blessed Thistle has any effectiveness for breast enhancement.

Without a single trial showing that it is effective, it is hard to quantify claims that use of this ingredient does what the company claims and is not a scam.

Dong Quai

Primarily used to treat menstrual symptoms, Dong Quai may also be an ingredient used in these products. Again, there are no published clinical trials to be found showing that it is effective for breast enhancement. However, in test tube studies, Dong Quai has been implicated in stimulating the growth of breast cancer cells. This is a very serious possible side effect and women should ask their obstetrician or gynecologist for more details before considering any product that contains it.


Also found in products like those offered by Perfect Curves is Fennel. Fennel is a natural herb used in medicines and cooking for a very long time. It has been used like Blessed Thistle to increase a nursing mother’s milk flow and promoting urine flow. In rats, there may have been some evidence that it increased breast tissue, but there is a lack of evidence that breast enhancement over a long-term occurs in women. It also may interfere with the effectiveness of some antibiotics.


There are stories that Fenugreek, another possible ingredient, was fed to harem women to increase their breast size. Scams often include legends of longstanding to underline their claims. Again, no studies confirm that it is effective for the intended purpose and diarrhea and gas are side effects that may occur.

There are many companies making claims of breast enhancement though supposed scientific claims, but in fact, no clinical evidence exists to back them up. Women who have any interest in such products are advised to speak with a licensed OBGYN before handing over money for products that do not work and may be dangerous.

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