Personal Training Can Transform Your Life In Every Way

It’s funny how having a personal trainer has impacted on so many aspects of my life; I couldn’t have believed this if someone had tried to convince me before I started my new regime. Yet once I made the momentous decision to start personal training, having been ‘encouraged’ by my wife and the honest comments of my young daughter, the rest simply fell into place.

Obviously employing a personal trainer is an added expense and one we have to think carefully about before signing up, but the odd thing is, this new regime has made me focus on every part of my life. I seem to have a clear head for the first time in years.

Let me explain. I work out twice a week and now run too most days, initially I felt quite wiped out but now I have more energy for everything. Once I reach home and shower I am ready for action. Suddenly I found myself looking at the way I managed my life from work ethic to finances. Having cleared my diet of foodstuffs that seemed to slow me down I thought it was time to tackle the money side. With assistance from my wife, who has cheered me on throughout, we sat down and looked at how we spent our money. We were shocked to see our take away bill each month, our trips to the supermarket, the added bars of chocolate and bottles of wine added to the petrol bill; the list was endless and the sums were enormous!

We actually made the decision we could both afford personal trainers by cutting back on processed and read- made food, shopping carefully and choosing more healthy options for our down time than flopping on the sofa with a DVD and associated snacks/ alcohol etc.

Something about feeling fitter seems to change the wiring in my brain; I am able to concentrate for longer; clothes I had abandoned now fit and that bloated, lethargic feeling which dogged me has disappeared. I laugh when I think I am even saving on indigestion remedies too! It appears that a three-month stint of personal training has gone far beyond simply improving my muscle definition.

I know I could never have achieved this much without my personal trainer who has offered me every support and designed a bespoke programme to target my body; the results are simply spectacular. OK I won’t be going on a modelling shoot any time soon but I feel great and I am proud to see what has been achieved so far and that gives me considerable satisfaction.

Quick fix diets and the plethora of dieting pills and potions can never really match sustained and regular exercise with a professional watching over your every move. We all know that resistance training can make a difference but I could never be bothered in the past, it all seemed too much effort. However, I can now see it has speeded up my weight loss and resulted in stronger bones, muscles and ligaments too. If this isn’t worth the financial outlay I don’t know what is.

So, I can only say that in terms of confidence, strength, fitness and the associated differences in every aspect of my life and relationship personal training could actually make a considerable difference for many people. Think again before you dismiss it as a vanity project or something that’s prohibitively expensive. Having spring cleaned my life I can assure anyone reading this I spent far more on things which didn’t have any benefit at all. I have also taken charge of my own health and setting the right standard for my young family


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One thought on “Personal Training Can Transform Your Life In Every Way

  • October 28, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    I cannot agree more with this. I have lived this experience myself. Left the trainer 4 months ago and continued the good regime. in total lost around 10 kilos. However in the last month or so I started going back to the same habits, gained 5 kilos back and rehiring the trainer soon :-)


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