I Train Physically Because…

I run because it connects me to nature and sends high voltage positive energy coursing through my veins, heart, lungs, brain… it releases endorphins that allow me to handle anything life wants to throw my way and no drug in the world can ever compare to a runner’s high

I weight train because it gives me pure power and like running it gives me a high – feeds my mind & body with adrenaline and feel good chemicals – strengthens my bones, tones and sculpts me, keeps me looking & feeling young, and every muscle in my body thanks me constantly for caring about it

I play racquetball because at 40, I love the stunned looked on my 20 year old partners’ faces when I kick their butts every time and all that sweating gives my largest organ, my skin, a hand in detoxifying and ridding my body of all the unavoidable stuff that’s harmful to me

I kayak because it allows me to be immersed in water – every body of water is sacred to me whether it’s lake, ocean, or river – and I get to live in it, weave through it, become part of it and bask in pure raw radiant sunshine as I do so

I rollerblade because it turns me into wind and lets me fly

I rebound on a trampoline because it’s fun and stimulates my lymphatic & oxygen circulation, helps sustain bone density, improves my balance & coordination – inside of 5 minutes I can help my precious body do its miraculous work even more easily than it already does

I swim because it makes me weightless, allows every part of me to work congruously, and lets me become a drop in a mass of ocean – connecting to every living thing in every blue inch of the planet

I play tennis because I’m always looking for love ;)

I do yoga because it grounds my mind, feeds my soul, and tells every atom in my body that it is worshiped and adored

….burning calories? Yes, they tell me that is a side effect of all these gifts & pleasures but I’ve never really thought about it…

Jaqui Karr

Gluten and Nutrition Expert, Bestselling Author, Jaqui Karr is the authority on gluten - Visit Jaqui's website now for information about how gluten is destroying your health JaquiKarr.com

3 thoughts on “I Train Physically Because…

  • May 12, 2011 at 6:48 am

    I feel the same way. Apart from the reason that I run to lose weight. I also think that running keeps you connected and makes you appreciate life even more. It gives a sense of happiness that no money can buy.

    Thanks for posting!

    • May 12, 2011 at 6:49 am

      *Apart from the reason that I run to lose weight, I also think..

      missed that part :)

  • May 11, 2011 at 3:57 am

    Great, thought provoking post. This is exactly how I have always thought of things and this is exactly what I preach. Not every form of physical exercise is going to be enjoyed by everyone, but I regularly challenge people to find one that they love and no matter who they are or how long they claim to have disliked exercise, I can always help them to find something they love that burns those calories. My experience is that if you don’t love doing it then you will not continue doing it long term. Thanks for the great post.


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