My Plate Replaces Your Food Pyramid?

In recent news, My Plate has supplanted the old Food Pyramid by the U.S Department of Agriculture.  The 19-year-old Food Pyramid will no longer be the icon for U.S. dietary guidelines.

In its place, the new icon called, “My Plate” is meant to be a simpler representation and quick reference tool.  How does My Plate work?  The new icon is divided into 4 sections—purple for protein, red for fruit, green for vegetables, orange for grains, and a separate blue section for dairy.  The largest section on this reference tool is reserved for vegetables.

Michelle Obama had these response about My Plate at a news conference last week.

“What’s more simple than a plate?”

“I’m confident that families will find this useful. They can start using this today.”

“Trust me: We are implementing this in our household…”

Michelle Obama continued:

“As long as (one’s plate) is half full of fruits and vegetables, and paired with lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy, we’re golden.”

What do you think of “My Plate?”

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