The Power of Whole Food Supplements

It is becoming more and more apparent, that the best way to get your vitamins, minerals and nutrients are through your diet, rather than supplements. There are supplements that come in the form of pills and then there are whole food supplements. Certain types of whole foods, such as spirulina, brewers yeast and wheatgrass can be categorized as dietary supplements.

These types of whole food supplements are unprocessed and therefore contain higher levels of nutrients than most supplements in the pill form. They are also more absorb-able by the human body. Without a doubt, whole foods and whole food supplements are the best way to get your nutrients.

Renee Zellweger Drinking Wheatgrass
Renee Zellweger Drinking Wheatgrass


Spirulina is a whole food supplement, rich in so many vitamins and minerals, it can be used in place of a multivitamin. It is also rich in protein, in fact it’s over 60% protein by weight. Spirulina has been known to increase energy, boost immune function and may have antiviral and anticancer properties. It is known as one of the most biologically complete food sources in the world. You will be hard pressed to find any food or supplement with the list of health benefits spirulina has to offer.

Brewers Yeast

If you want to have high energy levels B vitamins can help. Many people take a B complex vitamin which can be effective. However, Brewers yeast is a whole food supplement that is naturally rich in B vitamins. The B vitamins in brewers yeast promote healthy hair, eyes, skin and nails. Brewers yeast is also high in chromium and selenium, two other important minerals. It’s also an easy supplement to take, because it’s a powder that you can sprinkle on most foods, to add flavor. This type of supplement is preferable to a B complex pill, because it is more potent and your body can use more of the nutrients.


Wheatgrass is a whole food supplement that is high in magnesium, zinc, iron, amino acids and chlorophyll. It can boost the immune system, fight infections and improve overall health. Wheatgrass may improve ulcerative colitis, bacterial infections and even tooth decay. It is a powerful food that can help detoxify your body from heavy metals and other toxins. Wheatgrass Supplements can be taken in the powdered, pill or juice form. However, many believe it’s most effective and potent, when taken as a fresh juice. Wheatgrass is probably my favorite whole food supplement. I always feel great after I have a shot and my energy levels stay up all day long.

In general, pill form supplements just can’t stack up to health benefits of whole food supplements. Whole foods are natures supplements, unchanged by man. By combining a healthy diet, rich in organic produce, with whole food supplements, you’re sure to get well beyond the recommended daily allowance of all the vitamins and minerals that you need. You’ll be healthy, energized and well nourished all without having to take any pills.

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Editor’s note:

Spirulina – Blue-green algae that’s harvested in uncontrolled settings might be contaminated with heavy metals and can cause liver damage.  Spirulina has several possible drug interactions including medication used for diabetes, high cholesterol, blood thinners, hypertension, and others.

Brewer’s Yeast – Can interact with certain medications including MAOI’s, diabetes medicine, and meperidine.  [source]

Wheatgrass – One study found that a topical wheatgrass cream was more effective than placebo for treating plantar fasciitis.  [source][/box]



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