Powerful Bodyweight Training

When we think of huge tanked physiques like Ronnie Coleman’s then we tend to think of lifting weights and doing things like bench presses, squats and deadlifts. This is partly because of the amount of weight involved in these movements, but also partly because that’s what we see on TV and on YouTube when we search for bodybuilders in training.

However if you thought that lifting weights and using compound movements was the only way to build big muscle fast, then you have been labouring under a misconception. The reality of the situation is that there are many different ways to build muscle and as long as you’re causing those microtears it really doesn’t matter whether there’s iron involved or not.

Which is where bodyweight training comes in…

Why Bodyweight Training?

I’ve always been a rather huge fan of bodyweight training, but there is good reason for that. First of all, bodyweight training is by nature very compound (meaning it involves lots of muscles at once) and creates very real and dynamic strength. When you train with your own body weight, you are essentially learning to improve your command over your own movements and your own weight, and this can help you to become more agile and more flexible.

At the same time bodyweight training is also something that is rather effective as a way to build powerful muscle conveniently without needing expensive equipment or lots of space – meaning that you never have an excuse for not doing at least some press ups.

Making it Hurt

So with this in mind, why is it that more people don’t use bodweight training? Well the answer is that it’s largely considered not intense enough to bring about the kind of impressive muscle development that a lot of people are looking for. Because you are lifting your own bodyweight which is often lighter than a very loaded barbell, you can’t be doing as much good right?

Wrong. There is nothing easy about bodyweight training per-se, it’s just possible that the bodybuilding that you’re doing might be a little too easy – and you need to realize that press ups and sit ups are not all that bodyweight training involves. If you think that all bodyweight training is easy, then clearly you haven’t tried doing handstand press ups yet, and you also probably haven’t tried doing press ups where you do two claps in between.

There are countless different variations of bodyweight training and countless different ways to make it more difficult. One handed press ups, one-handed pull ups, clapping press ups, press ups where you rock from side to side, handstand press ups (leaning against the wall if necessary), one-handed handstand press ups, hanging leg raises, around the worlds (using a pull up bar to draw a large circle with your body), finger press ups, press ups with your legs off the ground… if you can do all those things and not break a sweat well then you can come back and say that bodyweight training is too easy.

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