You’re Pregnant, Now What?

You have recently discovered you are pregnant, and as you ready yourself for welcoming the miracle of life into your world, you probably have a lot of questions you would like answered. Most of them will receive the answers you are seeking from your OB/Gyn, as well as from other expectant ladies or women in your life who are already mothers.

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However, since it never hurts to stay as informed as possible, we bring you a pregnancy trimester guide, for an overview of the long and wonderful road ahead of you. Week by week pregnancy develops and your body changes ever so subtly. To keep ahead of the changes occurring inside you and be as prepared as you can, gloss over the guide, then go consult as many alternative sources as possible. You will want to accumulate as much information as you possibly can.

The First Trimester of Pregnancy

Perhaps the most emotionally charged three months, the first ones are often described as the most challenging and difficult of the entire nine month gestation period. The stage takes you from the moment of conception to the twelve week mark. Week by week pregnancy will likely appear a difficult and daunting task, as you experience nausea (morning sickness), vomit, feel increasingly fatigued and are so emotional your friends and loved ones find it difficult to keep you appeased.

[box]There will be foods you will absolutely crave, while others you won’t be able to stand the sight and scent of. Additional symptoms include heartburn and indigestion, the frequent need to use the toilet, constipation and an occasional dizzy spell. [/box]


Don’t worry if your breasts feel tender or swollen, or if your complexion changes. In terms of your habits, it is absolutely essential that you stop smoking and drinking alcohol altogether, while also changing your nutritive habits to small, frequent and healthy meals. Get plenty of water and as much exercise your body will allow.  It’s also vital that you take a folic acid supplement and ensure that you’re meeting your dietary needs during pregnancy.

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

You will be relieved to learn that it does get easier after the initial three months. Weeks thirteen through twenty-eight will see nausea and fatigue slowly go away. At this point, you will experience the sensation of having a baby grow inside you, and you will actually feel them move. At this point, the umbilical cord will thicken, in order to deliver oxygen and nourishment to the fetus.

At this point, it’s important not to let yourself go, neither physically, nor emotionally. Continue doing some light exercise every day and keep up your good personal hygiene habits. A nutritive diet is always recommended, but is especially beneficial when you’re expecting.

The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

As you enter ‘the home stretch’ of being pregnant, thoughts and emotions will be coursing through your mind at an increasingly rapid pace. From week twenty-eight up to the birth of the baby, you will visit the doctor to learn about and probably see the growth of the baby, thanks to the ultrasound machine. It is now important to practice deep breathing, in order to ensure the fetus is getting as much oxygen as it needs.

[box type=”important”]It’s advisable you don’t exert yourself, get as much rest as you need, keep your diet balanced and healthy and avoid carrying heavy items or prolonged standing. Good luck! You are about to embark on the most wonderful journey life has to offer.[/box]


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