Pregnant Women Should Forget About Eating for Two

It is a commonly held belief that pregnant women should eat more, as they are eating for two. However, women should keep in mind that eating too much during pregnancy might increase the risk of pregnancy complications. Because of this, it is now believed that a healthy diet during pregnancy is good for both the mommy and the baby. In this regard, we have listed few of the many healthy diet suggestions that women can take during their pregnancy period.

Fruits and vegetables – pregnant women are advised to eat well and a good intake of fruits and vegetable will help them have a healthy diet while pregnant. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals essential to the health of both mom and baby. Constipation is common to pregnant women and a good intake of fruits and vegetable will improve metabolism, thus constipation will be minimized because of the fiber content fruits and vegetables has.

Carbohydrates – these types of foods are also important to pregnant women because it is a good source of fiber and vitamins but without too much calories. Foods with carbohydrates are those starchy foods including pasta, maize, noodles, rice, bread, cereals, potatoes, yams, and more. Pregnant women should have carbohydrates as the main part of each of their meal. On the other hand, whole meal is much better than the processed or white ones.

Protein – pregnant women are also advised to have a good intake of protein every day. However, liver should be avoided. Instead, moms to be should have a portion of fish, eggs, poultry, nuts, beans, and pulses. Moms to be should make sure that poultry, burgers, eggs, pork, and sausages are well cooked and that there will be no more pink part or pin juices on the meat before eating.

Dairy – these types of foods are also important for pregnant women. Dairy include cheese, milk, yoghurt and the like. The calcium content these foods have is important in the development of the baby. It is advisable though that moms-to-be should choose the low fat ones. These include low-fat milk, skimmed milk, and the likes.

Foods high in fat or sugar – before you get alarmed with its term, pregnant women needs these foods but of small amount. These include ice cream, salad dressings, spreads, chocolate, cake, pastries, and more. Too much of these foods may cause obesity as well as tooth decay.

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